heart of darkness.

chocolate cherry nutella bun

i'm back to the richard bertinet book, so you'll be seeing carbo overload from me in the next few days. these are based on his chocolate bun recipe developed for his son, jack. instead of filling the cocoa-enhanced sweet dough with creme anglaise, i encorporated dried cherries into the dough, the slathered a liberal layer of nutella before sprinkling a layer of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. these saucer sized luvverlies aren't as sweet or as heavy as you'd think which makes them all the more dangerous.

especially if you're prancing aboot in that chocolate thong your ever so thoughtful honey bought you....

bite me!


Such a cute little bun - I love the heart shape! And anything with Nutella gets a thumbs up from me!

mmm hot bun you got there ms santos. i was doing the choc-cherry thang over the weekend too. i think the use of cherries with chocolate makes for a grown up, tarty affair. lovely work as usual.

hi santos, this sounds incredibly decadent, conrad would approve ;) by the way, i keep meaning to try the recipes in the bertinet book but have yet to get round to it, lazy girl that i am; will bake vicariously through your posts instead ;)

hello anita! i'm not normally a nutella fan--i find it a bit too sweet--but the addition of semi-sweet chocolate chips helps add a bit of bitterness and richness to it.

hi saffffffffffrrrrron, hot bun, hot bunny. love your brownies, madame.

j--i'm drooling over your 'tail on the breast of polenta....lazy is not the word for you. good god, all i do is flip a wad of dough around and here you are braising, daubing, risottoing, marquising...i get exhausted just looking at all of it.

nutella... the shape just make me drool
time to bake sometime
I have yr recipe on ensaymada on my things to do
but i love to bake new reipes when am alone
i still have guest hotel sha is so busy

have not heard about richard bertinet, good thing about blogs is you learn a lot.

hi sha--i'm sure hotel sha is a lovely place to stay, so people don't want to leave :)

can't wait to see how your ensaymada turns out!