handkerchief temari sushi.

handkerchief sushi

i forget what this is really called, but temari sushi: a super simple way to make sushi at home. just lay down a square of plastic wrap (or cloth handkerchief, if you must), place your topping in the middle then about 2 tablespoonfuls of sushi rice on top of that. gather the corners of the wrap or hanky, twist, and form a tight ball. sushi!

from back to front: shiso (perilla) leaf with ikura (salmon roe), kim chi, ika cuttlefish roll with shiso, sake (salmon), hamachi (yellowtail), seaweed and ikura.



I am not so much into looks when it comes to food in general but holy wasabi these look gorgeous! If sushi has sex these are the female version. Such great work, Santos.

They look aboslutely adorable! I've never tried to make Japanese food other than tempura but now I am really tempted to give it a try. I love the photo by the way. Fabulous!

These are beautiful little jewels, Santos. Almost too pretty to eat! Almost being the operative word, heh heh... And I particularly like the fact that you have kimchi as a topping, yum!

ohhh those are just too cute! and i love your presentation!

No no I was asking you.

The ika is the best.


Hamachi is my favorite for sashimi, but I don't really care for it on sushi! Ika sounds nice, but I think you should have done ama ebi!

hi mumu--fun :)

hi of! sexy sexy, but ballsy too :)

hi mm--these are very easy to do, i recommend it!

vivi, kim chi sushi is awesomely good, it seems to make all the others taste better too.

hi suze! pretty, aren't they? good group of colours.

anthony, you are crackers. but ika *is* the best.

hi reid, i prefer hamachi as sashimi, but i don't mind it as sushi. you would think that i would feel more comfortable eating ama ebi at home because i know where it has been, but for some reason it just feels like it would be safer to eat it at a reputable restaurant. i don't trust me!

great idea!

Hi Santos - these are real treat for eyes, so pretty! I'm cooking a Japanese dinner for friends soon and making temari zushi seems like a great idea - although mine won't be as beautiful as yours :) and I can't get decent seafood here...

Hi Santos,

That is just a beautiful picture! You have me craving sushi at 9:30 in the morning now...

These look beautiful- I actually just got a new Japanese cookbook that has great photos of this type of sushi. I can't wait to try these! I assume you cut the fish a bit thinner than you would for regular nigiri?

hi kat--it's quite fun to do as well!

hello keiko, i lament your lack of fresh seafood, but i refuse to believe that you can't make any food look beautiful. i'll bet it'll be gorgeous.

hi anita, i wouldn't mind having this for breakfast one day!

hello astrogirl! actually, i had the guy at my japanese deli cut it for sashimi for me--is that thinner than for sushi? i have to learn how to carve up a fish one day. maybe i'll go to that sushi academy in venice.

Handkerchief-how clever!!!!