caramelized oatmeal ice cream with whisky and raspberries, whee.

crunchy oatmeal ice cream

sadly--and i mean extremely so--i know more about pete burns than i do about robert burns (in my defense, "you spin me round" is a lot easier to understand than "auld lang syne"). however, i do have a soft spot for scotland (literally--i fell down a flight of stairs in edinburgh and i doubt i've ever fully recovered), and as january 25th is the bard's birthday (rabbie, not pete), i thought i would provide a recipe for anyone oot there who is planning on celebrating burns night. no, not haggis--which i don't have a problem with, by the way--but instead a dessert based on the traditional cranachan, which is double cream folded in with whisky and oats. my version has caramelized toasted oats and a verrrrra nice whisky folded into vanilla ice cream, and served with a raspberry sauce and a shard of caramelized oatmeal brittle made from the same stuff as the oats folded into the ice cream (shades of el lissitzky via franz ferdinand in the plating). i used a good quality store-bought ice cream, but feel free to bust out your ice cream makers, as most commercial brands are a bit too sweet for this recipe.

to pieman, bramble and p, melissa, pille, malcolm, judith, lisle, stephen, all the michaels and mikes, andrew, and all scots--honorary or otherwise--and of course, mr. burns and his much maligned haggis: i raise my glass to you. sláinte.

caramelized oatie ice cream

for the caramelized oatmeal and garnish:
1/2 to 2/3 cup scottish (or pinhead/steel-cut/coarse) oatmeal (i used this brand)
1 1/2 cups granulated white sugar
1 cup water

for the raspberry sauce**:
2 cups frozen raspberries
2 tbsp sugar
**(i highly recommend, however, that if you have fresh raspberries, use those as a garnish and skip this sauce)

1 gallon high-quality vanilla ice cream, slightly softened (or make your own with a reduced amount of sugar)
a good quality whisky, to taste (i used 1/4 cup but you might want to use less--be careful using more as it will hamper re-freezing efforts)

toast the oatmeal in a dry skillet over moderate to high heat, swirling occasionally, until golden. this will take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. be careful not to burn the oats. set aside.

make the caramel by placing the sugar and water in a medium saucepan, and oddly enough, like the oatmeal, cook over moderate heat and swirl occasionally, until it has turned into a golden syrup, about 12 to 15 minutes.

add the oats to the caramel, and spread onto a silpat-covered baking sheet (or oiled/buttered baking sheet). use an oiled heat-resistant flat spatula to help spread out the oats as thin as you can manage. while the caramel is still warm, cut out shapes for the garnish with an oiled, sharp knife (or just break off chunks later when it has completely cooled) and set aside. allow the remaining oat mixture to cool, then place into a plastic zippy type bag and bash about with a rolling pin to break up the oaties into somewhat fine nuggets.

fold the oatie nuggets and whisky into the ice cream, and refreeze in molds or in a container so it can be scooped out later. i recommend doing this no more than 24 (oh ok, 48) hours ahead of serving, as the oats will get soggy.

make the raspberry sauce by cooking down the raspberries and sugar in a medium saucepan over moderate heat (do you sense a theme?), mushing them slightly as you go, about 7 to 10 minutes. run through a sieve, but add back a bit of the pulp for texture. keep in refrigerator until ready to serve.

garnish as desired.


I had to read the recipe twice before I got the idea of using the bashed bits of caramel oats in the icecream. Was wondering why you only mentioned oats in the ingredients list once. Really good idea for more mature tastes.

hi mila--i'm sorry about that; i should have made it more clear that the garnish is exactly the same thing as the oatmeal within the ice cream, only in one large piece. i thought it was clear from the directions, but apparently not. i'll edit the post for further clarification.

Hi Santos - this looks gorgeous. I'm now craving for raspberries again, big time:( Have to think of something nice to do tomorrow as well. Thanks for linking me!

Ahh, Burns Night Supper, brings back memories of haggis, whiskey, swords and reeling, the good 'ol days. Your ice creams looks divine, will have to give that a go. BTW, I'm tagging you for the Too Much Information Meme if that's okay.

hi pille! i looked high and low for fresh raspberries to no avail. ah well. i'm looking forward to seeing what you make for your burns night celebration.

hi viv! whisky, swords and reeling seem like a bad combination :D i noticed you didn't post your answers to the meme--am i pre-tagged? ;)

Santos, what kind of honorary Scot would I be without you? I was all set to give Burns night a miss, but I can't pass up the thought of caramelized oatmeal ice cream. I guess we'll have to get some haggis too, though I hear hunting season is nearly over...

Icecream and oatmeal, what an interesting combination. I've never seen anything like it, but it sounds great. I really like your presentation.

That sounds wonderful! I admit I have no idea what whiskey tastes like, but I do love oatmeal and the idea of caramelized oats is really appealing.

melissa, you have one day left! and you can do it from the comfort of your own home :)

hello from our kitchen person! thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. will you be haggis hunting as well?

hi cathy! the liquor is strictly optional. if you'd like another alcoholic option, try a little drambuie or other fruity liqueur....

Och, I totally forgot! Thanks so much for reminding me, and wow(!), love the idea of Franz Ferdinand Oats ice cream.

Sadly, without our yearly sojurn to the Scottish hills for the traditional circular haggis hunt, we will have to make do with just neeps and tatties. I will, however, do my utmost to at least make some shortbread (provided it doesn't grow too tall, of course).

Slainte, Chotda and wee Rabbie!

Santos, answers to meme posted, go and have a good laugh!

i'm jealous. of your kitchen. and that you can get fresh raspberries. do you think strawberries would work?

no raspberries on this side till june july....
oats and ice cream must taste wonderful

hi aloi! heck yeah, strawberries would be very nice, i think.

hi sha! oats and ice cream are a surprisingly nice combination. even for breakfast :)

hi bramble! whoops, sorry i missed you. >gasp< just neeps and tatties?! actually, burns night isn't really big in la (i hear it's much more popular in nyc. and colorado, oddly.). i think you'd have a much harder time hunting for haggis.

Franz Ferdinand's having a concert in HK, V-Day!

hi mila! i know, i just found out! don't know if i can make it out though :( i would love to see them in hk.

Hi Santos - I did see fresh raspberries at Tescos last night, but as they didn't have any haggis, I was very annoyed with them and took my custom elsewhere.
So no cranachan for me last night, but I did "invent" a rather nice haggis mouthful at the end - come have a look;)

This looks amazing! Oats and whiskey and ice-cream and raspberries ... oh, I'm drooling!

I just discovered your blog, and I quite like it already!

yes! i knew i would feel better from this dreary day if i came to see what beautiful food you made. ahhh yum that looks scrumptous!