10 things i hate about you. no, wait.

my kitchen confession
my kitchen. see kitchen confession, nos.3-4. click on the pic for a billion notes on what you see.

i've been tagged by vivilicious, tokyoastrogirl, and squeezeweasel; since it is either the start of a new year, or the end of an old one, will try to oblige. i've decided to combine the too much information meme and the cold remedies meme into one big ole me me fest, so here you go!

1-2. when i get drunk i don't get silly, crazy, morose, or belligerent. i drink, then i drink a lot more, i almost immediately get a headache, and then it passes. (kevin the scottish doctor says it has something to do with having particularly active enzymes.) the last time i got anything close to stonkingly drunk was in my university days; i had a bad cold, the start of an even worse 'flu, so i made a hot toddy out of the juice of one lemon, 1/3 cup of hot water, and the closest thing i could find to whisky--100-proof southern comfort. drank it down, felt incredibly tingly, then numb, then really numb, then sick. really sick. sick as a dog, sick as nancy spungen, sick as watching the movie "hostel" sick. jackson pollock would've loved the patterns on the bathroom floor. i then rolled into a fetal position, asked my roommate to kill me, and passed out. i really hate to tell you this, but in the morning, i felt absolutely, unbelievably faaaabulous--clear sinuses for the first time in a week, throat blisters gone, fresh as a flippin' daisy. as a cold remedy, it was one of the best i'd ever had, but i'm not sure if the remedy is the hot toddy or being violently ill. i don't recommend either.

3-4. i designed my kitchen. i hate cooking in it, avoid it as much as possible, and cook in other people's kitchens whenever i can.

5-6. i am 5'9". my favourite pair of shoes have 3 1/2" heels. i like being over 6 feet tall, i like the air up there. my friend cyrano (6'2") finds it very, very disconcerting.

7-8. i once had a notorious murderer sit on my lap; he was very sweet to me. i once mistook a major film actress for a prostitute, and had a fantastic conversation; i probably treated her much better than i would've had i realized who she was.

9-10. i'm going to manila for chinese new year so i'll see you after that. i have no idea whom to tag, but i'd really, really like to hear something from the boys.


this is by far the funniest one i have read, Santos. I have one pair of shoes that high, but I can barely walk in them. I was wearing them, however, on the night I met Fred.

I was about to tell you the next part of the story, but realised that doing so publicly might not do my reputation any good.

no, no, no, no, sixy miss breach, you have to tell now.

cyrano says the heels upset the delicate balance of power in our relationship. i just think we're quite literally seeing eye to eye. what does fred think (besides "rarrrrrrr, easy there, tiger")?

(i mean, of course, about the heels)

Hi Santos - This was hilarious! LOL!

I would love to know who the famous actress was. And the murderer.

I LOVE your kitchen. But what is a dish dryer? Don't all dishwashers have a dish dryer mechanism?

Santos, you are toooo funny, guffaw! My list pales in comparison, sigh...

Man, I feel so short (5 feet...or so...). I've never worn high heels. HORROOOOR!

Your kitchen is so cute. Aaghrhagrhg!

Happy CNY!

hi kirk! hilarious, or tragic :P

hi miss b--i think i overstated things a bit. i don't know if she's considered major, and i think the guy was convicted of manslaughter. just. yiiii.

hi holly! the dish dryer is there for everyday use, although i mainly use it as a storage rack. i usually don't have enough dishes to fill even half the dishwasher, so i just wash the dishes by hand (i find it very therapeutic), and leave them to dry in the little machine. i hate drying dishes, and this uses so much less energy than the big machine.

hi viv! your selling yourself short--i was highly entertained by all your pursuits and love the fact that you're all bendy :)

hi robyn! i'll make sure to not wear heels when we're together :D happy CNY to you too!

Happy CYN Santos, we're doing a walking tour and eating tour of Chinatown in Manila with Chinoy streetwalker Ivan Dy. Mega food trip.
Why don't you like the kitchen? Is it the color scheme or do you just need it feng-shui'ed (sic)? Plants might help.

hi mila! happy CNY to you! your walking/fooding trip sounds like fun, i want to hear all about it.

i'm sure the kitchen needs feng shui'ing, but i don't know if much could be done because everything's pretty much permanently affixed. i think i don't like cooking in it because it's still oh-so-very clean and i don't want to mess it up. i also don't like cooking with the electric stovetop, but i am not allowed to have gas appliances in a high rise here. another reason is that i live next to dozens of restaurants, it just seems much easier to pick something up or eat something cold--although that's a product of bachelor living, not the kitchen's fault.

I'll let you know in a few days when everyone else has stopped reading the comments on the post ;)


Santos, if you fly in on Saturday and are up to a walking tour, why don't you join in? Meeting place is Binondo church, 1 p.m. The more the merrier. Ivan's pretty good, knows lots of hole in the wall places, plus he's adding a lauriat for the special occasion.
3.5 inch heels probably not the best walking shoes for Chinatown, Manila though. But you'll still be taller than most of us!

Gosh, you hate your kitchen ! But it is fabulous. I cannot say the same about mine...
Have a nice trip to Manila !

I want to hear more about 7 and 8, Santos!

Funny, a murderer on your lap, and then thinking an actress is a prostiute?? Very funny! I wonder how you got in these situations! Where was that? ;-)
And tall? So I am, but I cannot walk with heels, and if I did, my, people would be scared!

6ft2! I beat you by an inch - unless I'm wearing heels ; ) BTW the story is out that we had the email conversation about. the magzine Gourmet Traveller doesn't have it posted on the web but I've link to a full-sized copy of the article posted on flickr.

PS: Love the tiles and that big sink. What's the bench in the forground made from?

miss sam--promise?! ;) no one reads this blog, really.

hi mila! how was the walk? i'm sorry to have missed it, but i had a great meal at lili at the hyatt in malate, though.

hi jennifer! i had a great time, thank you!

hi nic! i'll tell you later ;)

hello bea! i get into a lot of odd situations, let me tell you. the first one happened a long, long time ago when i was in college, and the guy was obviously not a murderer then. the second thing happened recently, when i was last in los angeles. the streets are crawling with actresses, apparently. i was bound to mistake one eventually.

i can walk in this heels but not for long. i begin to get a distinctly frankenstein monster-ish gait!

ed! (laughing) now there is a photo i would like to see, you in heels. would you provide a link to that? ;)

the island in front has a raised counter which is made from a corian-like manmade substance (i forget the exact brand name) that's about 1/2" thick, and slightly translucent. underneath it are fluorescent tube light fixtures so it can be lit from within.

Santos - Happy CNY to you too! Hope you had a great one - looking fwd to seeing some of pics of your feasts and walking tours!

PS. read the food bloggers article with you in it - in Gourmet Traveller (sneakily at the newsagent! haha)nice work - asian women definately love to eat!

The walk was very satisfying (foodwise, noisewise). If you ever want to try it out, check Ivan's website (www.oldmanilawalks.blogspot.com I think is the link).

hi bex--no walking tours for me, i left that for mila! hopefully, i can go on one sometime this year, though.

hi mila--thanks for the information, i'll definitely check it out.