a nice day for aki matsuri.

nice day for aki matsuri

i did things a little differently this year, and attended the annual autumn festival during the day, not at night, as in previous years. don't know what possessed me, but it was definitely a nice day for it.

the most noticeable difference was one: there weren't that many people in attendance, which was nice, and two: i wasn't very hungry, which was sort of annoying. i mean, 75% of the booths are food booths and 75% of the reason why i attend is to eat the food from the food booths, and if i'm not up for it, what am i going to do?

why, actually enjoy the games booths, displays, and performances. whoduthunkit?

black sesame ice cream

that's not to say i didn't have some culinary treats, because when i say "not hungry" that doesn't mean "don't eat". of course, it should, but that's a whole discussion i'll save for someone else. the definite star of the day was the black sesame ice cream, which was creamy, light, and luscious. weirdly addictive, too.

ice cream girls

also, the ice cream booth got major style points for being black and white, clean and crisp looking, with the most affable and cute servers (and chef!). buenas! y'all rocked the block.

ice cream guys

you can find more food and festival photos in yet another flickr slideshow.


Looks like fun! Unfortunately, being not hungry has never gotten in the way of me eating!

hi cathy! it was a lot of fun. i'm looking forward to next year, and hope to bring a bigger appetite :)

What does being hungry have to do with the price of eggs? Unfortunately my backside is proof that I eat when I'm not hungry, sigh. I've never been one to pass up a food experience, no siree! I've got to try that ice cream, was it just a plain vanilla ice cream jazzed up with ground black sesame seeds?

hi viv! no vanilla to speak of, just black sesame paste to a milk base. it was very, very light.

Wow. Sesame ice cream sounds so strange. Glad you liked it!