"model mistakes block of cheese for cocaine"

feta cheese

quite possibly the food story of the year, at least for me. via the world of wonder.

i have so many one-liners<--(ha! i just caught that) for this (many involving kate moss), my fingertips can't keep up. i invite you to add yours to the comments below.


That is too funny/sad.
Model nabbed getting high at Cheese Ball. Oh my weak try.

ha! it's (a)corny, but works for me :)

There are certain cheeses I'd hire a hitman for...

I hope you don't mind, but I've just tagged you for a meme on top ten favourite foods. Hope you have time; I'd be really interested to see what you choose!

"Any children old enough to testify should be killed as well"?? Pretty cold-blooded. A combo of greed, stupidity, and culinary ignorance. what a story. Only in america, as they say...

hey squeezeweasel--what cheeses would you kill for?

hey gonzo, greed, sheer stupidity and cold-bloodedness isn't strictly an american thing, i've come across that the world over!

true, stupidity & greed can be found all over the world, but somehow in america they just have a special way of going about it. Something with the culture maybe. Did you know for instance, that the US has the highest number--per capita-- of serial killers in the world? hmm, now why is that? then of course, there're the Columbine type of shootouts...

btw, i'm from california.

i believe stupid is stupid the world over, that everyone has the right to believe what they want to, and that everyone is special in their own special way.

gonzo, you need a hug. and big block of real cheese :)