holiday rocky road brownie bites

holiday brownie bites

deery is so cute and festive that even her crap comes out cute and festive (and wrapped to boot!)....

okay, i'm like, high on oven cleaner fumes. rocky road brownie bites, a recipe by gale gand. the only modification is that i pressed the marshmallow onto the top of the brownie immediately after baking them. the marshmallow softens a bit in the residual heat, adhering its spongy gooeyness to the chewy, nutty, chocolatey...deer crap. wow. i gotta lie down now.


hi santos, they are so very very cute! i love the fact that they're a one-bite wonder...happy holidays!

Love those paper wrappers, Santos. And the rocky road bites don't look half bad (really delicious, actually), either!
Merry Christmas!

hello miss j! happy holidays to you as well, and have a very merry christmas.

hi nic! they are actually quite cute, but a bit deer patty :) merry christmas to you as well, have a lovely one.

Awww, Santos, Bambina is so cute I could scream! I know what you mean about oven cleaner fumes, yikes, cooked a big fat goose last night which splattered grease everywhere. So out came the hard stuff. Anyway, have a very happy Christmas!

Looks like good crap to me! Happy holidays!

*dies of laughter* Those tiny bites will never, ever be the same. Ever after, they will be associated with little bambi butt nuggets in my mind. Thanks a lot!

Hi santos, have you recovered from weariness from the baking frenzy and been able to lay back and over some good feasts? Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Hi Santos,

Those brownie bites look so good right about now. I'm sure I can put away a dozen or so... =P

Happy Holidays to you! =)

hi viv! ah, the christmas goose. here that means being poked by naughty fingers ;) i'll bet all that deliciousness was worth the extra elbow grease. merry christmas!

hi eggy! merry christmas to you and your family!

hi lorelei! (laughing) bambi butt nuggets it is. merry christmas!

hi milgwimper! i bought the paper cups in the philippines, aren't they great? i hope you aren't working too hard and having a great christmas!

hallooo miss chika! i think i overate. bleah. but yes, it's a happy christmas weekend. hope you're having one too!

hi reid! i have a batch that someone set aside. i'm tempted to send them to you--too much food here! happy holidays!