tsogb: where memes come to die.

...lemons too, apparently.

i'm bad with memes. it's not that i don't want to participate, it's just that most times i can't. food is important, certainly, but for some reason, i don't really have the same emotional connection to it, or associate it with anything the way others do.

i missed the inaugural lasang pinoy, in which the lovely karen asked to recount a food or food memory from a specific time period. at that time, i was in a catholic boarding school in california, quite far removed from the events unfolding in the philippines, and actually, quite removed from a sizeable filipino population. also, it's probably a good thing i don't remember the food from the cafeteria--a form of self-preservation.

i'm going to miss out on ms. celia's round-up of the second lasang pinoy, involving typhoon food, because frankly, i don't eat before, during, or after typhoons. most typhoons i am either preparing for it, staving off the floods within the house, cleaning up or i'm wishing i took drugs and wondering if it's not too scary outside to risk getting some valium somewhere.

ted tapped me for a cookbook meme, but i think i answered one. i'll have to get back to you on that.

julie so nicely asked me to continue the childhood food memories one, but honestly, this is the one thing i remember from my childhood: my cousin, normal, used to eat bowls of ice laden with sugar. any memory of anything i ate as a child is completely obliterated by this bizarre snack item, and the fact that this is the only thing i remember is probably best left unexamined.

and finally, robyn from the newish, fascinating eating asia blog, tagged me for a new wine meme. it asks me to name the best wine i've encountered in the past 30 days. unfortunately, i haven't encountered any wine (i haven't even walked by one in a shop, or had a bottle on a table) in the last thirty days, not even in the last 60. at some point in my life i somewhat embraced the straight edge philosophy of life, and whilst i don't fully subscribe to it these days, abstaining from alcohol seems to have been one of the things that has remained. i'm in no way saying that appreciating wine is something to be avoided--it just happened that for me, that was just a casualty of being overly fond of the band minor threat. who knew?

anyway, kids, keep meme'ing! i'll be enjoying them from the sidelines.

update: another one bites the dust. on the day i wrote this, reid tagged me for that crazy 23rd post meme, where i was to find my 23rd post, and write out the fifth line from that post. so i looked up my 23rd post, only to find it contained one sentence. ha. i don't even have to try, do i? ;)


this is all so nicely put. every bit of it

So I guess you're saying lay off on the meme invites? ;) I love the lemon photo - you should come do a photoshoot in my fridge!

STR8 Edge, yeah!

I agree, the memes are a bit hard to keep track of. If I can do them quick, then ok.

but about those lemons. very sad.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I rest my case your honour.

Who knew? Oh well, thanks for participating in a way, anyway. I've not encountered a more well-put turndown in my life!

hi tg! i didn't want to make people think that i was ignoring them or that i hate memes. i hate mimes.

hi cathy--oh you can invite me, but i might have to rsvp :D

hello shuna! there are so many memes! i think i like the ones that require action (imbb, etc) over recollection. i've got a bad brain. bad brains. i against i. where was i??

sad, sad lemons. sad, sad fridge.

anthony--stand and deliver, son.

hi robyn! it's not something i normally admit, because it's not really a big deal around here--my family and friends aren't big drinkers, either. i do use wine and spirits in cooking, so it's not a complete abstention. if it's anything i remember the last glass of wine i had, a 2001 châteauneuf du pape--i don't remember the winery, but i vaguely remember "vatican" being in there, bizarrely. that was amazing, one of the nicest wines i'd ever had. very sexy man's library--all dark, leather and spice, raspberries and cherries...i'm more used to châteauneuf du plonk, you know what i mean? ;)

update: that is perfect! (P.S. - I just did a doubletake - I thought my word for the word verficiation thing was guambat, actually it's gvwwbat)

cathy--why is it that every time i visit your blog, my verification word is like, 25 letters long? :D

Because I have the VIP setting turned on for you!

and just so you can add another one to the growing list, you're it!

auuuugh! hey, wait. i can actually do that one.