a(n) [insert collective noun here] of kitkats.

cappuccino break

what do you call a bunch of kitkats? a den of kitkats? an exultation of kitkats? a lair? a klatsch? a clutch? a quiver? a congregation? a kitten? anyway, here are various kitkats i've had in recent months.

kitkat editions mango-passionfruit kitkat editions seville orange

(above) cappuccino kitkat, from australia. less of a mocha flavour than straight up coffee. nice, not overly sweet. here: "editions" kitkats in mango-passionfruit and seville orange. my mom brought these back from ireland, but they are made in switzerland. above the wafer is a layer of orangey-coloured gunge that tastes remarkably like what it is advertised to taste like. the first one is nice, but they get increasingly less lovely with each successive bar.

red berry kitkat 1 red berry kitkat

an edition kitkat in red berry. the nicest artificial red gunge i've had. tart, and completely not like cough syrup.

orange & creme kit kat halloween kitkat

two different limited edition orange kitkats: orange and creme, with an orange-flavoured white-chocolate-esque coating, and the halloween one, which just has an orange white chocolate-esque coating over a dark chocolate wafer. the orange and creme is only slightly flavoured, but also slightly addictive. the halloween one has a nice chocolate crunchy bit, but the coating is meh.

kitkat caramel chunky

an australian caramel chunky kitkat. this is a large bar-sized kitkat oozing with a very, very sweet caramel. much too sweet, but good if someone needs a glucose boost, stat.

still in search of the japanese red bean, green tea, and condensed milk kitkat, the uk lime and yoghurt kitkat, and the canadian banana one.

have you had an unusually flavoured/limited edition candy bar lately?


hey santos,

wow lotsa kitkat clans!

I tried seville orange one while in London, but not other ones... oh I have had caramel kitkat from Australia once, and I loved that (much too sweeeet, for sure).

I don't see green tea kitkat around lately, and what, condensed milk? Don't know about that one. What we have at this moment is maple syrup kitkat, which is nice, sweeeet again, though. can send you some if you want!

hi chika! i think you started the kitkat fascination with me, with your matcha and apple kitkats :) i have lots to trade, i'd love to trade some with you!

i am in search of green tea kitkat... so please do post an update in case you found one.

the kit kat thing is off the hook! hershey finally released a coffee limited edition in the u.s., which already has some of us in a tizzy.

milktea, i'm not sure how you feel about ebay but i see green tea kit kat auctions pretty regularly...

Dear Santos
I consulted my handy-dandy book of collective nouns, An Exaltation of Larks by James Lipton. There are little to no collective nouns for food! The closest thing I could find was a 'chime' of ice cream carts...

I've been looking for the coffee ones here in the States.

My husband brought back an orange one from Canada, I found that pretty dreamy.

I'd love to try a green tea one, I love green tea pocky.

Here are a couple of posts (with photos) I have on KitKats:

Canadian vs US
Orange KitKat
KitKat Bites
White Chocolate KitKat

I might break down and go on eBay as TG has or maybe I'll place an order on the 'net somewhere.

A snap of kit-kats

hey cybele, i am quite sure i have MORE kit kat postings than you do... (kiddin ya)

Hi Santos, kit kats aside, I've tagged u for a wine and food meme. See my latest post, eatingasia.typepad.com, for details.


Hi Santos - geez, I didn't even know there was more than one kind of kitkat! I remember when I was in Scotland many, many years ago, they had sort of a cookie/candy bar (can't recall what they were called now) that was basically a Cameo cookie encased in milk chocolate. There were bunches of different flavors (only rivaled by the number of potato chip flavors) and it was the cookie filling that determined the flavor.

when i was in japan, they have green tea, white chocolate and sometimes even strawberry!!! my host mom said it was a seasonal thing.

gimme a break...
gimme a break...
break me off a piece of that...


envious, we only have dark white choc flavours in malaysia!!!

My husband is completely addicted to white chocolate kitkat bars. When I manage to snatch one, they're quite nice.

hi milktea--i hope you read tg's comment :)

hi tg--i wonder if it's exactly the same as the cappuccino one....

hi caitlin--we'll just have to make one up then!

hi cybele! you should organize a candy swap. see what you get :)

anthony--good one

hi robyn! soon, i promise. and thanks!

hi cathy! i actually like cameos. the plain vanillish type. do you remember the flavours?

hi alice! i heard there's a pineapple one now, too.

hi babe! we really should have a candy swap, shouldn't we?

hi cara--i actually had one of those for the first time today. it was really much, much better than i had expected. i rather liked it.

coffee vs. capp: coffee seems to have a stronger coffee taste, while the capp seemed subtler... more "milky"? maybe. but i didn't do a side-by-side tasting. and i got the capp on ebay - maybe not as fresh as the coffee which i got at the store. perhaps you have also seen this cafe latte with WHITE chocolate?
thanks for the great posting! can always talk about kit kats :)

Hi there

Just discoverd your weblog, while I was looking for a recepi from Bill Granger.
I like your blog.... I do return more times.

Greeting from The Netherlands.

I hope you find a green tea kitkat, because they are really delicious. I think I still have one stashed away somewhere...

The japanese dark chocolate mini kitkats (kitkittens?) are also good.

Must track down maple syrup and condensed milk kitkats...

Wow, I never knew there were so many different varieties of kit kats. Thanks for enlightening me!

hey tg--maybe you can answer this for me: do you know if there's a difference in the chocolate from country to country?

hello nel! thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon :)

hi shukumei! i actually do have one green tea kitkat stashed away, i should pull it out. apparently this summer there was one that had green tea *and* red bean *and* condensed milk (gasp) which i guess is no longer around. ah well. i'm secretly hoping they come out with a curry flavoured one soon.

hi boo! i didn't know how many there were until recently, either! i wonder what the fascination is with limited edition candies. i guess limited edition anything is collectible.

santos - how wonderful of you to ask a question - offering another exciting opportunity to discuss this awesome topic :)

in her recent kit kat posting, cybele did a summary of U.S. kit kats versus those Abroad. it boils down to this: "U.S.=Hershey" and "Nestle=Everywhere-Else". i've heard it said that hershey - being the ultimate american choc co. - has more grit vs. nestle which is smooth. but i haven't noticed this w/ kit kats. since hershey is "licensed" to make kit kats, i wonder if they must follow a recipe that supersedes their chocolate style? (but here is someone who DID notice a difference.)

if you want to have your mind blown, check out this wikipedia entry listing all the many kit kats in existence. more than 60!

Oooh.. I'd heard of limited edition orange and mint kit-kats, but haven't seen these pretty orange/red gungy ones... Shame they're made by Nestle though (been boycotting their products for the last few years, not that it's made a smidgen of a difference on their baby milk policy).

Yet to explore the Hershey range, although, from memory, the ones friends used to bring back from the states were poor imitations of chocolate. Candy bars indeed.

Hi Santos,

I am sorry that I missed this post - i haven't read any of the other comments, but recently Australia was given the Peanut Butter Kit Kat - which was intereting. Reeces PB Cups with wafer is what it tasted somewhat like.

hello tg--some people say that the chocolate is inferior in the japanese kitkats, but i don't know if i notice a difference. i did notice that the chocolate in the EU kitkat editions was superior. have you ever had that extra creamy kitkat? what the heck is that all about?

hi bramble--yes, the hershey's ones are a bit disgusting. i usually get an itchy throat after eating the regular american variety. however, the white chocolate one is quite nice, which is surprising to me as every white chocolate hershey product i'd had previously was like eating solidified tanning lotion. i wonder if it's just because it's in a relatively small dose, or maybe tanning lotion on biscuits/wafers actually works as a food product.

hi saffron! ooh. peanut butter kitkats. are they the chunky bar variety or the standard kitkat shape?

I haven't seen a canadian banana kitkat before.. if i see once.. i'll be sure to send you one. :)

ha, there's a challenge for you: incorporate some tanning lotion in your cooking! surely a candidate for wtfdywmtdwt...

where can I GET all these flavours???I managed to try a white chocolate-lime KitKat while in London earlier this year. Haven't tried the PB-flavoured one yet, Saffy.

hi bigbok! that would be great--we can trade :)

hi bramble--ha! that would actually be easy, any recipe incorporating malibu rum would be close enough. bleah, nasty stuff, that.

hey cin--tg says ebay :)

Yum! I think you've given me a craving.

I had a peanut butter kitkat the other day. It was gooood. They come in chunky for that extra peanutty flavour!

hi gloop! hoyay, chunky :) i have to go in search of these soon.

Santos - I recently saw some Twix PB bars. Want some for research purposes?

hi saffron--that's so funny, i just saw the same thing just an hour ago. i wonder if these are from there....

Santos, I'd love to do a candy swap. Probably after it cools down though - no one likes a shipment of melted chocolate.

hi cybele! you're on! it will probably be melted coming from here anyway, but hopefully nothing horrible :)

Kitkat swop anyone? If we can figure out how to ship them without them melting...
In Japan there are these flavours Green Tea, Cheese with Lemon, Caffe Latte, Cappucino, and White choc with Maple syrup (latest).

When I was in Japan a few years back that had Banana Kitkats which is the bet I have tasted..a light subtle hint of Banana creme...not too sweet or syrup like. It seems they now make the Banana in Canada, I wonder if they taste the same.

a gluttony of kitkats

good one, pieface!

Is there a site for kitkat fans? also why is it that such products are not rolled out in every country that kitkat is sold!