a moment at market market.

just some photos from around the outdoor "fiesta" market at er, market! market! shopping mall in fort bonifacio....

the king of fruit--durian

king mandarine
apparently the king of mandarines

longan--kinda like lychees, but not


tofu and cheese
handmade tofu and quesong puti

rice and beans

fried food display: lumpia (egg rolls), fish balls, and ukoy (okoy) (papaya and shrimp patties)

didn't buy anything. just came from lunch (burp). next time!

market! market!
fort bonifacio global city, taguig, metro manila


Yummy..!! durian..!! longan..!!

Is the king of mandrines the same as uniq fruit or Ugli fruit?

I was there for lunch yesterday!

Wonderful! My favorite way to sightsee.

hi big bok--very yummy :D

hi holly--no, the king of mandarines is the same as a dalandan or dalanghita here, the latin name is something like citrus nobilis, whilst i think the ugli fruit is a hybrid of a tangerine and a pomelo. i'll bet they taste similar, though.

hi joey--where'd you eat?

hi cathy--me too!

Ooohhh... Durian... You're making me homesick! And longan too! It's strange how lychee has made it into common parlance in the western world, but the better textured longan has been left behind, wallowing in decadent obscurity.

(Btw, do you say lie-chee or lee-chee in Guam/the Phillipines/LA/all-the-other-places-you've lived?)

I like the fruits and veggies section of Market Market. :) I hardly go there now though. The durian looks so good!

hi bramble! it's odd, isn't it? i've heard that longan is a more popular crop than lychee, yet longan is virtually unknown in the western world. ah, the more for the rest of us, i suppose :)

hi toni--it was my first time here. i was too busy soaking it all in to take photos--i'll have to return!

Hi Santos! We ate at Trellis :-)

one of the things that i love is how different places have different color palates in their fruit and vegetable selections. it can be seasonal, yes, but i like, too, that geography and it's accompanying weather affect this.

i love your site.
it makes me want to go to guam!!!!

ukoy and lumpia, wowee!
Santos, hi there :)..thanks for posting this...sure is added to my list of must-visit

hi joey--i haven't been to trellis yet--what do you recommend?

hello shuna! yes, there is definitely a colour difference in the fruits of southeast asia from western fruits. i never really thought about it before, but it is fascinating, thanks for pointing it out!

hi alice! please do! and thank you! you are very kind.

hi thess! i was so busy looking around, i captured just a tiny fraction of it. i'll definitely have to make a return visit myself.

I had fresh longan for the first time in what must've been twenty years and it was so nice! It's not as meaty or juicy as lychee but has a more pungent taste (like anise) IMHO.

Hi Santos,

I wish I could find fresh durians like that here. I've seen them only once in Chinatown and I was going to buy one, but I had to go back to the office.

hi lynn! i think i prefer the taste of longan over lychee (just slightly) because of that pungency--great description, btw!

hi reid! when people want to transport durian in their luggage, they wrap it up in wet newspaper to help combat the aroma. so next time you see one, ask for some wet newspaper :)