manila: spamjam café.


update january 2007-all restaurants closed

manila is home to the only exclusively SPAM restaurant, the SpamJam café. on the menu: SPAM burgers (with specially made round SPAM!), SPAM hotdogs, SPAM corndogs, SPAM spaghetti, SPAM poppers (popcorn SPAM), SPAM nuggets, SPAM baked macaroni, SPAM caesar salad, SPAM and eggs, SPAM melts, and er, curly fries and something called a "cream stick". they also have two SPAM lunch boxes (bento): sweetened SPAM with garlic rice and a fried egg, or breaded SPAM with garlic rice and a fried egg (with a choice of barbecue or sweet and sour sauce). what's *not* on the menu? sodium nitrite, the preservative found in SPAM in a can. the SPAM at SpamJam is made exclusively for the shop, without preservatives, and with a much lower sodium content--this could possibly be the home of the world's healthiest SPAM. eep.

did i go in? no. would i go in? yeah, sure, why not. but, uh, not today.

spamjam café
2L glorietta 4, makati


Love the look, but Spam? I still don't understand its popularity out your way. I think I'd just window shop.

(laughing) there's a lot of unexplicable activity out here, cathy :D

Hey .. Santos,
I bet Reid would like that eh..?? kekeke!!

hi santos, that sounds fascinating...i had no idea manila has a thriving spam culture...would love to hear all about it if you ever sallied forth and ventured in!

that is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! it boggles my mind that someone in honolulu hasn't thought to open up a SPAM restaurant, given it's overwhelming popularity here.


Marginally more appealing than the toejam cafe.

Eeeeee I'm blinded!

Am I correct in my re-reading that at least there isn't an actual spam-jam entry on the menu?

What about spam-desserts? Lol!

hi big bok! that's so funny, when i walked by this place the first thing i thought was "reid!"

hi j! the more i learn about this place, the more i'm intrigued with it. the cafés (there are two, but i'm not sure where the second one is) are small (40-50 seats), in relatively high-end malls, in locations that aren't populated with other food vendors. i don't know if this works in their favour or not. also, the customer base is predominantly older businessmen (perhaps SPAM is more of the food staple to that demographic? maybe wife won't let them eat it at home?). i will definitely try this out sometime, if only to find out what the "cream stick" is.

hi monika! i was actually surprised to find that this restaurant existed in the philippines--i was certain it would show up in hawaii first!

rachel--haaa! hormel seems to be pleased with its progress (although hormel doesn't own the restaurant, it does have input), and they are thinking of bringing the concept to other parts of asia--mainly south korea and malaysia.

anthony--awww, you don't mean that. i'll bet deep inside you're secretly pleased.

hi mcauliflower! heee. no spamjam, 'm'fraid. however, there apparently has been some interest in spam desserts, so stay tuned!!!

Oh my god! You've discovered SpamJam! Hahaha! You must admit, it's quite a trip :-)


M hubby and I've tried this. He loved it because he's a Sman fan. I got a bit queasy after eating a Spam spaghetti. I think it was psychological though. I don't think I'll go back unless I'm really hungry and have no more energy to go up an extra floor to the food court. *L*

Hi Santos,

WOW! How amazing is that. I had no idea that Spam was that popular there. Now that I know its there, I just have to find a way to Manila. =)

hi joey! i stumbled across it--it's so not where i imagined a SPAM outlet to be :)

oh c'mon, evil jungle prince, not even with kimchi on top? ;)

hi toni! while i won't cross this off my list, i think there are so many other places i'd like to try first. however, in the interest of blogging matter....

hi reid! i think you can get there by plane. bwahhhaaaaaaaa :D

Oh.My.God. I have seen Nirvana and it beckons. Who knew heaven's colors were blue and yellow?

Should I ever go back to the Philippines for a visit, I will have to visit this haven of pink wobbly meatiness. While wearing a disguise of course - I can't let it be known to my friends and family that, yes, I love that Spam-my goodness.

That "cream stick" intrigues me. What in god's name is that??

Lead the way!!! SPAM heaven.

Alas, as of December, 2006 - SPAMJAM has been closed for a while. I was in Manila on business and went there on purpose to take pics and stuff. Maybe I should have come earlier and patronized it more often?

i have looked everywhere, I am traveling to the Philippines soon and i would like to know the address for Spam Jam Cafe