back, jack, to do it again

a confession: i didn't really sit on the sofa all that much. and i didn't get a haircut.


Good to have you back! And I'm sure the hair's fine either way!;-)

Ayayay! I was supposed to meet you for lunch but Auntie F didn't text me. Huhuhu!

By the way Ate, if you want to still write an entry for Lasang Pinoy, I'll include it in the round-up. We're still counting.

Soooo happy you're back! Though I confess to inordinate jealousy at your holiday in Manila. Lounging about...that's the good life. Shopping...don't tell me you didn't. Eating...another story which you must tell.

Forgot to give a nod to the Steely Dan reference. Very nice.

hi zarah! you're back, too! hope you had a great time.

hi ate! ha--auntie f. didn't tell me you were in town until we were back in makati. we even drove by your house! jeepers, i have no idea what to enter for lasang pinoy--i wasn't interested in food back then....

hi gail! ah, if only i did get to lounge, but a refrigerator that hadn't been cleaned out since the last decade beckoned (eyuuuw). yes to shopping and even more yesser to food :)

now how to work "they call alabama the crimson tide/call me deacon blues" into a post somehow....

You drove by our house?! Waaaahhhh!!! To think I was at your house gossiping till very late the night before and Auntie F. even told me to correct one of my blog entries! Hahahaha!

Just write your food memories Ate! Come on, come on... how can Santos be not part of the first Lasang Pinoy? ;-)