away from those internets for a week or so


i'll be away from the internets. i have some books to read, that sofa to sit on, and a haircut to be had. should be done in a week or so. see ya!


Ooh, gorgeous photo, have a nice break!

oooh, that is one awesome looking bookshelf! see you soon!

how short are you going with the haircut Santos? short hair is so sexy on a guy.

The internets' people will miss you while you're away! Now, if the books you're not reading feel lonely, just send 'em this way!*rubbing temples, trying to Jedi mind trick all the books to jump off computer screen and onto own shelf*

food and a sense of humor... I'M LINKING TO YOU!
Keep up the good work.

Hi Santos,

Are you going on vacation without us? I hope not! Have fun... =)

Cool looking sofa.. and bookshelf..!
Have a great time..!! whatever you will be doing.. :)

you colour co-ordinated your books! hee most excellent!

Awesome. I've always wanted to color-code our bookshelf, but S would kill me.

color-coding the bookshelf? dang! what a great idea!!! i love it! you are an inspiration!