return of the gigis, pt. 2: coconut mango gigi

coconut mango gigi

green tea granita, mango gelatin cubes, fresh mango, coconut sorbet, and toasted coconut. mmmmmmmmffffffffppph.

top tip: you can "toast" coconut flakes in your microwave by placing up to a cup of the flakes in a microwaveable dish, then zapping it in 30 second intervals. after each interval, stir the coconut a bit or toss and swirl it in the container; as the internal temperature of the coconut rises, it will begin to brown.

coconut sorbet

1 cup white sugar
1 cup water
1 can coconut milk

make a simple syrup by bringing the sugar and water to a boil in a saucepan over medium-high heat, and then simmering until its volume has reduced by about half. add the coconut milk, and stir until completely incorporated and heated through. chill mixture in the fridge until completely cooled. pour into an ice cream maker, and follow manufacturer's directions. or, place in a shallow container in the freezer, then run the mix through a blender or food processor every 15-20 minutes or so to break up the large ice crystals, until it reaches desired consistency.


excellent coconut- microwave tip.

I love desserts that combine icey with creamy

hi santos, that sounds and looks fabulous...we're having a bit of a heatwave at the moment (tho' when is it ever not hot in singapore?) and that sounds like just the icily refreshing thing...cheers,j

i am moved to a haiku!

coconut sorbet
my taste buds dance with delight -
"step step twirl twirl leap!"


Hi Santos,

What an interesting combination of flavors -- green tea, mango and coconut. How did this taste? It looks so refreshing!

I have to insert here that I feel white sugar covers up some of the subtle flavours of coconut desserts, especially when they are frozen. I much prefer "jaggeries", especially coconut sugar, raw sugar and palm sugar.

also try this: infuse your simple syrup with the shaved coconut, toasted or raw...you will see that you will need a less sweet addition and a smoother texture...

(I love coconut and have run many experiments with it.)


Dang! Got to try this! Hubby loves all the ingredients in this dish! *WINK! WINK!*


monkey! oh monkey! how i love your monkey haiku.

hi reid--it was very piña coladish, but i think the green tea helped it from being too sweet and cloying. you couldn't really taste the green tea itself, but you could tell when it was missing.

hi shuna--thanks for the tips, i'll definitely try one or more of your suggestions next time.

hi jean--i hope you try this, and i hope your hubby doesn't mind being a guinea pig for all these creations!

I like mango and coconut. But I have never imagine this fantastic harmony. How about its taste ? It looks lovely. I can't take it.

exciting combo very tropical too
maybe I should scour for the items to try this one

Its 35C here in Athens.... is there anything left?

I can't haiku but I can oooze and drool over this yummy gigi of yours. Gosh, I must really try this out as it looks so simple and yummy to battle the heat in Msia.

chocopie--take it, please!!!

hi schatzli--omg, 35˚c? i can't take that!!

boo--please do try it, and let me know how it turns out for you!

wow!! That looks absolutely gorgeous!! Nice job!

-Makan Kings-

makan kings sing songs of food and love!

This look so good santos! YUM!
I am going to have to make this when mangos are back in season here :)

Santos, I'm wanting to try that coconut sorbet for a vegan dessert for the new IMBB - but I was just wondering, how large is a can of coconut milk? :) (And how long is a rope?) The usual cans here are 400 ml, but what is the standard where you are?

hello anne! 400ml is the standard here as well. if you are in an experimental mood, i would suggest taking up one of shuna's suggestions regarding the sugar in this, as the white sugar really is too sweet for the sorbet--a palm/muscovado/coconut sugar would give it real depth, and probably with much less.

good luck!

Santos, thank you! I do have a pretty nice brown sugar that I think will work, so I'll give that a go! This will be used to accompany a delicious-sounding chili-vanilla pineapple thingy... gah, I can hardly wait! :)