the banana speaks.

this is an audio post - click to play

thanks to r4kk4 for turning me on to audioblogger. she likes robots.


Who doesn't?

i wish we could leave audio comments on other people's blogs, then she might have audio blips of all the folk who like robots, too.


you sound like you should BE the npr person that i call and complain to! ;D!

oh, uh, beeep boop beep!

ha! don't i sound more like some out-of-touch operator? "thank you for calling, we appreciate your phone call; unfortunately, all our operators are busy but if you'd like to hold on...."

nah, you sound really professional and super smart! :D!

(laughing) that's my professional super-smart voice. you should hear me the rest of the time: whuuuuh? haaaaah? whattttttt. whattttt. WHATTTTTTT.

hee heee!!

i understand! i laugh too much. and verbal placehold all over the place.

like, like, like, uuuuhm, uuuuuuhh, you know....

Are you sure you don't do linguaphone recordings? =)

Wow - I didn't know you could do that. It's so cool to hear your voice!

rakka! heee. huh? wha?

gloop! i'm all sing-songy. wheeWHAAwheeWHAAA. i can do those public announcements at airports: the RED zone is for LOADING and unloading of PASSENGERS only....

hey cathy! some people would beg to differ....but you should try it!

I've heard Santos on the interradio and she has a voice like a mug of hot chocolate

...thrown in your face. aaaaaauuuuugggggghhhh!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!!

I'm afraid I'd have stage fright.

By the way - when I saw the name of you post I thought it was going to be in defense of the banana - it's been taking quite a bashing on Jeanne's blog

oh, nene, the haters. it's gonna take a lot more than that for me to put pom poms down.

A few times I've been around that track
So it's not just gonna happen like that....

Let me hear you say, this **** is bananas

My eyes have had worse, much worse.

This seems to be a Stateside thingy as it doesn't like my phone number. Ah well. My nasal twang will have to remain hidden.

did you try the 661-BLOG number? that didn't work for me, so i used the 415 number at the first page of audioblogger.com. don't know if you want to deal with the expense, but it was only pennies for me....

Super Impressive Santos! Now if only you could get your computer to have a 'scratch n sniff' screen then I would be happy! Imagine smelling all your pics! WOO!

You have a nice voice!! :) You'll put any irate customer at ease. Ever considered a career in telemarketing or at a call center? Heehee. And I like green bananas too!

I'll give it a try but it may be a wee bit pricey if I have to call the states. Could you call for me? You just have to say any "ai" sounds as "oi" and put a rising intonation on statements e.g.

Oim Anthony from spoiceblog

hi bex! if you scratch and sniff my screen it smells like dog slobber and vinegar (i use vinegar and water to clean my 'puter screen :))....

hi toni! my customer service is way more menacing: you want WHAT?! louder too :) very frowny :( i would be fired after one customer!

anthony--don't tempt me. you'd be horrified. yewd baee hawrfied? everything i've ever learned about an australian accent i learned from kath & kim. actually, no, my friend judith taught me a phrase to keep repeating: "I'm from Perth, where are you from?" which is pretty durn amusing, but probably very very wrong.

actually, why not try skype?

anthony--it is u.s./u.s. territory numbers only at the moment. sorry. (i don't know why there's not internationalization on this yet!! grrrrr!!!)

leff did one without using audioblogger. (he uses drupal for his site, so he could call the number either.) i can ask him how he did it and email you if you'd like! :D!

er, i meant that he COULDN'T call the number...

(it's too early to be typing.)


drupal? brother of rupaul?

sorry, too late to be making jokes :P

oddly enough, i think you're right! haha!

i heard that the name came from mixing up both dr. dre and rupaul! funny, huh?

of course, don't hold me to that. it's secondhand info. ;D!

that's. so. awesome.

Oim from Perth where are yoooo from?
Oim from Perth too. Do you know Macca?
Played footy, went out with Kate.
Aww shit yeah Macca, yeah, he was the year above me in school.

I'll look into this skype thing but may just get a dicount cardy and call some lucky individuals after night at pub.

Yes please if that's not too much bother.

Hi S,

That is just so cool. I really didn't expect your voice to sound like that. It sounds so...don't really know how to describe it. Actually, I was expecting you to sound more tita-ish. LOL!

Maybe you can read all of your posts from now on. =) That would be fun!

Nice to hear you:)

hi santos!

wow cute voice eh! hmmm does sound like a callcenter voice tho.. hehehe

how about a transcript along with all your audio??!! woo hoooo!! :D

Excellent! Very soothing in those 50's style instructionals. Finadene never sounded so sophisticated.

Voice sound so soothing... :)


hallooo! i am nothing if not an interesting disembodied voice :)

hi "tita" santos!
my boy (#2) was so happy-more like kilig-to hear the voice of the tita santos who sent him the boy bawang! :D mee too!

hi stel! when will i hear yours?!

this is so cool let me find a word LUSCIOUS ....

ikaw pala santos nag padala ng bawang corniks sa boston land!