lunch at mckraut's.

talofofo falls

a couple of weeks ago, we somehow ended up visiting talofofo falls, in the southern part of guam. the south is less populated than the rest of the island, gorgeously scenic, and relatively unspoiled. however, one's choices of eating establishments are severely limited, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a little shack named mckraut's just down the road.


face it, you're not going to mistake this for a fine dining establishment--it's a burger and 'dog shack just a few feet off the main road, in front of the owner's front yard, with two plastic picnic tables and a few chairs under canvas canopies off to one side.


despite the simple but sweet appearance, there are a few surprises on the menu as alternatives to the typical burger and chili dog fare--a grilled salmon or marlin filet sandwich, ground chicken burgers, bratwurst on a basil topped bread loaf, and
a bratwurst with curry ketchup, which i'm told is very popular.

curry bratwurst

i honestly don't know what the qualities of a good bratwurst are, but this one wasn't bad--juicy, flavourful in a meaty way but not a spicy way, and tender in that way that only processed meats can be. springy. is that good? i feel like that should be good. it was a little smothered by the curry ketchup, but luckily the condiment went well with the surprisingly fantastic french fries. nenes, mckraut's is 26 miles away from the center of town, which is a big deal on an island only 32 miles long; however, as i am typing this, i am considering making that journey just for these french fries--piping hot, with a crispy outside that snaps to a tender fluffy inside, and actually tastes like potatoes. so very, very, very good and quite reasonably priced at $2.50 for a double order, which was like a small haystack. the chicken burger was tasty as well, fresh and juicy, with a homemade vinegar-based cabbage slaw on the side. i'm told the hot dogs were excellent, just a standard all-beef dog, but i can't give any other details as the teenagers with me scarfed down four of them in under 2 minutes, so there aren't any photos, but that has to be some sort of ringing endorsement.

contemplating mckraut's menu
see sweaty kid with the half-eaten pastry? that's anthony, he was our chef for the day. he wasn't sweating when he cooked our food, and he's really nice, so say hi next time you're in the village.

mckraut's (how crazy is that name?) is also a little ice cream stand, with prepackaged ice cream treats--in fact, when i was there, little kids from throughout the village would bike over for a soda or an itzakadoozie (my personal fave), cornetto or sundae bar, which i found rather charming, as i don't ever see that sort of thing anymore. just like the south in the mainland, life goes at a slower pace, and is far more relaxed. in fact, you can't really call mckraut's "fast" food, as you'd be lucky to get your order in under 15 minutes. but if you are going to be strolling on a fine sunday afternoon, or need a little repast after spending time at the falls, you can do no better than this little hot dog stand in the south.

route 4, about a half mile from the talofofo falls turn off


Hi Santos, what's a "itzakadoozie"?

Curry + ketchup sounds gross, but I actually like the taste. It's very popular in Germany as well, where I first had it.

hello shukumei! it's an water ice pop made by nestlé, that's crazy long and twisty, and supposedly flavoured with cherry, orange, and lime, but just tastes like citric acid and sugar. so weird, i tried googling it earlier to include in the post and nothing came up, but apparently it works now. huh.

yes, curry and ketchup does sound gross, but i had it once in--guess where?--germany and really liked it as well! i think the owner of mckraut's is a very good-natured german gentleman.

Hi Santos,

Looks like fun. I love all the out of the way, hole-in-the-wall places. They just seem more interesting and the food just seems more tasty.

hi reid! you know what? it was fun, and i love that it is there--i'll definitely return.

Anthonys don't sweat, we glow.

water ice pop eh? I like all kinds of flavoured ice.

I love the goodness of crispy outside and tender inside chips too! the combinationa of Curry + ketchup is so very interesting. Might give it a try next time :)

anthonys don't glow, they glower.

shukumei--these are literally nothing more than flavour and ice. really icy, they are kinda hard.

hi pinkcocoa! it's just ketchup mixed with curry powder. i don't know the proportions, though, but it's easy enough to experiment with.

Hey.. Santos,
I've read this post.. like 10 times.. and never gotten to the end of it.. till NOW..!!! Terrible.. ain't i..??
I thought from the moment .. i read about McKraut.. it had to do with saurkraut..!! coz' it is my absolute favorite..!!
I love the curry and ketchup.. and the all beef hot dogs.. anytime.. :)

hi mrs. t! i think you just called this post boring bwahaaaaahaaaahaaaarrrr

No.. no.. no.. Santos..!! far from it..!! it's just that.. i always get interrupted by the store.. at work.. or chloe.. who is with me.. at home... and at work. ;) sorry i gave you that impression.. :(

hi mrs.t :-D i know, just kidding. to tell you the truth, it took a long time to write. i kept stopping and doing something else too :-)

Hey Santos,

All those sun-filled photos felt full of summer and made me extremely happy. Thanks for sharing!

It's actually called "Currywurst" in German ("Curry sausage) and it's really popular. Two towns fight for the right to call themselves the city in which this culinary delicacy (yeah, whatever ;) ) was invented, it's a tight battle between Hamburg and Berlin. There is even a song about it. It's so interesting to see this little dish has made it as far as Guam - amazing!

hi cara! thanks for the information. do you know the words of the song? :-)

Hi Santos :)
It's an old song by a popular german singer/songwriter called Herbert Grönemeyer. Since he only sings in German, I had quite some fun translating it into English (no, really):

The Currywurst

When you’ve seen all through it
you need something chewy
a currywurst
Willi what about you?
You want another beer
with your currywurst?

Woah, this sausage is hot
Boy, I need a drink after
the currywurst!

As soon as your really drunk
your mind goes pretty blank
because of the currywurst.
Walking home with it
the thing slips
damn currywurst!

On the shirt, on the jacket
Man, what a …
everything full of currywurst!

hi cara! that is a fantastic song, i hope one day to actually hear it. thanks for the translation, it's really amusing (but delightful).