are *you* feeling lucky?

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i have to admit, i've been a little green banana-y envious of how others are found on google, especially if you hit the "i'm feeling lucky" button and they top the list. pim used to have the best with "pim is a pig" but tragically is usurped by spiceblog with the exact same phrase. noodlepie had it for a minute with "wonderful photos", but sadly, that no longer is the case. he still does have wonderful photos, though. anyway, tonight i found the phrase that takes you straight to me: "asian death rituals".


have you found your "i'm feeling lucky" phrase yet?

pieman is excessively proud to announce that pizza piss maid is the path to noodle google enlightenment, and

i've just discovered that reid is pineapple man works for spiceblog as well. hm.

vivilicious's lucky google phrase is the fantastic kimchi mania whilst exotica blog's jonny is definitely a kimchi librarian.

did you know that if pierre herme tastes like pumpkin, you'd end up at a la cuisine! but if pierre herme tastes like squash you'd be at il forno? who knew? i'll bet monsieur herme didn't.


Hi Santos,

How funny is that? I don't know what it would take to find me....never tried to look.

hi reid! i don't know what the oddest phrase would be to find you but i know if you type in the phrase "broken glass jello" it will land on onokinegrindz :-)

'Pizza piss maid' was one I remember cropping up in my keyword analysis statistics thing. I hope they weren't too disappointed... Ha I just checked and it still does. Yay. Beat that Guambat!

I don't know why, butt hat has made me immensely proud of my little blog. Go noodlepie. Love to all you pizza piss maids out there.

[furiously working on one of the green bananas patented asian death rituals®] ho-hooo, patron of pizza piss maids! better get your butt hat on!

It's never off. Never know when I might run into one of those icy pizza piss maidens. I hear they go for that kinda kinky butt stuff. With pepperoni of course.

oh, that goes without saying.

I've really got to lay off drinking gin and calling people names.

oh, that goes without saying.

OMG you guys just had me laughing hysterically!! You are so funny!

You guys! You made me snort with laughter (yes I have witnesses!). My magic phrase is "kimchi mania", http://www.google.fr/search?q=kimchi+mania&hl=fr.
Thanks Santos for prompting me to find out!

santos is a jellied eel

Hey are those Icelandic pancakes coming up soon? :)

hi zarah! did you know you are a weird squillionaire?

vivilicious! that is too, too, awesome. jonny angel may give you a run for your money on that one one day.

anthony--on rice!

ooh, hi jonny, you've come in under the radar. icelandic pancakes on the menu :-)

did you know you are an icelandic librarian who likes kimchi?

Heheh!! Santos,
you set me thinking too.. :)

Hi Santos,

Pineapple man? Working for spiceblog?

Anthony...I haven't been paid since I started. I'm coming to Perth to collect my paycheck!!! =P

yeah, worker rights and all that.

O.K., my latest (just this am) is "my husbands wants to drink my milk". I'll just let that one sink in, shall I? ;-)


Wasn't it 60% of spiceblog profits or something?

"vietnamese bitches"

That'll be noodlepie again.

oh, moira. gives a whole new meaning to "who wants seconds", doesn't it....

nth, my auntie is a labour union organizer, i'll see what she says.

pieman, exactly what kind of noodles and pies are you dealing with?!

"tattooed bitches"

Close, I come up third. Do I win some kinda prize for food blog with the freakiest search keywords nutjobs hitting my site. I think I do.

hm, maaaybeee. but lactating polygamists are kinda rare....

I doesn't work with "I'm feeling lucky", but I know that one poor sod stumbled onto my blog after entering "stuffed African babes" into Google...!

(laughing) little did he realize it was with sage-infused artisanal bread and oysters!


Your Auntie is righteous (doesn't include merchandising or book deals).

Still can't find anything myself, it's like a million monkeys over here.

Oh, God- it's actually gotten worse:

'statistics of fisher price cheese sandwich slices'

What the?


so does that validate that most cheese sandwiches are made of plastic cheese? ;-) just what are you doing over there, i wonder....

LOL! No I didn't know that Santos - thanks for letting me know! But I had one person finding me typing "cooking guinea pigs" - NOOOOOOO!!!!

hello my weirdest squillionaire, did those guinea pigs taste good?

My current favorite is "you are the promised kiss of springtime". Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein, eat your hearts out.

damn. to quote paris hilton, "that's hot."

...and to continue on my googling cheese theme:

"MKF Fisher + Velveeta"

Sorry about the grave-rolling, MFK.

Poor MFK. If I were she, I would haunt you like the undead, Moi.

Okay, this is becoming an obsession. Today's passwords are:

noxious Trix yogurt
Sticky and Sweeeeeeeet!
Yuppie F*cko Organic Gringo

i just got crazy los angeles asian women!!!!

Okay, is there a way of turning this into a meme? Or another monthly food-blogging event? It's too much fun to stop...

julie, if you can figure out how to turn this into a meme, i welcome you to it :-)

Shut UP, Julie! You did not get 'Yuppie F*@%o Organic Gringo' googled, did you? Bwwwwaaaahaaaahaaaa....

Google it and weep, Moira. Just make sure you spell f*cko correctly.

FYI -- if you ever want to get to this post in a hurry, just google "lactating polygamists" and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky"...

it seems almost a shame that it doesn't take you straight to moira....