teaching the haole kids about SPAM, one slab at a time

spam musubi

mr. gold takes a journey into SPAM

cocktail SPAM musubi

cooked short-grained white rice
one can of luncheon meat (guess)
furikake or nori seaweed sheets
1/4 cup each of water, soy sauce, sugar, and mirin

1. place the water, soy sauce, sugar, and mirin in a shallow pan over medium low heat, allowing the sugar to dissolve. bring it to a simmer, and allow the sauce to reduce.
2. cut the luncheon meat into 1/4" inch slabs, and dip into the sauce, coating on both sides. remove the sauce from the pan, and brown the luncheon meat.
3. place the cooked rice into a ringed mold, cookie cutter or small can and tamp down lightly but firmly. you want the rice to hold together, but you don't want to smoosh it. sprinkle the rice with furikake, if you have it. unmold.
4. cut the browned luncheon meat with the same mold or cutter used for the rice. lay the cut meat on the rice, and brush some of the simmered sauce on top. if you are using nori, cut a square of nori to fit the top, and add as garnish.


Another interesting idea.. Santos.. ;)
I love it..!

[Makes sign of the cross.]

Hey santos, love the way you transformed canned meat into a work of art. :)

hi mrs.t! did you read the article i linked to? i was thinking about how chef tried to make SPAM more interesting to the reporter, but i wonder if it was pushing it too far. after all, you really can't hide the flavour of SPAM, right? might as well stick to the basics.

jonny angel--(laughing) don't worry, i've got something for you coming up....

hi julia! i missed you there! well, if you can't change the flavour, might as well make it look better :-D

I need to move to Hawaii or Guam so that I can satisfy my need for Spam-my deliciousness. Since I live in the Washington DC area, buying Spam is an ordeal: imagine the looks of "WHAT THE F???" I get when I load up on Spam, canned Corned Beef and vienna sausages...

I love this blog to pieces, btw. Gorgeous photography, smart and witty writing, PLUS the loving acceptance of Spam. YUM!

o lorelei of the 76, when and if you ever visit guam and/or hawaii, i will make sure there is a contingent of well-wishers ladened with luncheon meat leis and musubi bouquets just for you....

thanks for coming by! you are too cool for school. is it difficult to find spam in dc?

OOooooo... I like the presentation. It's so elegant yet still my favorite combination. Spam and rice! I'll have to make this soon.

hi ollie! you know, i tried leaving some comments on your foodblog but blogger went beserk on me. anyway, i like these 'cause sometimes a little luncheon meat is better than a lot :-D

I love spam musubi. Yours are much prettier than the brick-shaped blocks we get around Hawai'i.

Genius! Sans rival this weekend! Pictures to follow...


I blame you for my Spam recidivism. Today I made a 90 degree turn right in front of a UPS truck into a Hawaiian BBQ place. Saimin noodles with Spam stix, Spam musubi, I'm off the wagon again.

Hi Santos,

I love the way you made them all round and stuff. Spam musubi is great for breakfast, and I normally have it once a week. I made some Spam katsu musubi which are just killer. I'll have to post it on my site soon. =P

It really isn't hard to find Spam in D.C. It's the looks of incomprehension amongst the checkout folks when I'm paying for five cans of that pink meaty tastiness.

They usually have that look of "What? FIVE CANS???? Did the government say that there's going to be a terrorist attack, which is why you are stocking up? Because really, only a nuclear war and near starvation would make us eat meat in a can."

So I do my shopping guerilla style. I get my mom to buy it for me.

When I die, I will be cremated with a slab of the pink stuff. My ashes will be placed in a Spam can.

hey alan--it's a good way of throwing some spam the way of some spamaphobes. love the slabby musubi, though! need those for on the go food fueling....

candy--looking forward to those photos!

third shift--(soothing tones) that's right, you've just gone through three of the 12 steps of spamaddiction: denial, blame, and acceptance....continue on your road to recovery and i'll send you a can of hot and spicy guam style spam!

reid--SPAM KATSU!!!! you are blowing my mind.

lorelei--eh, more for us, then. we can fortify the bunker. (you know, i think you can order it off the web)

omg, when you are dead you'll smell like charred bacon. mmmmm. bacon. wow. what a way to go.

That looks so good.

I always come to your site looking at all the food. And then I get hungry! :D

hey ces--stop by anytime! there will always be something waiting for you to snack on :-)

Your spam musubi is so attractive!

hi marezone! itzbinsolong :-) cute, yes?

Hi Santos,

You should definitely try it sometime. Marinate spam in shoyu/sugar for about 10 minutes, then dip in flour, then dip in egg, then dip in panko. Fry until golden. Place on a brick (thanks Alan =P) of rice, and wrap with nori! Mmmmmmm!

If you don't like the Spam seasoned, you can skip the shoyu/sugar part. For even more flavor, you can mix your rice with furikake before shaping into bricks. Maybe I should do a post on it.

Yes, I am also a closet Spam lover (well not so closet). What can I say? I've eaten in 3 star Michelin restaurants, enjoyed every bite, but sometimes you just want a bit of the 'ol pink stuff. It's fab in kimchi jigae (stew) by the way. Another of my favorite ways to eat it is to fry slices in a pan (no oil needed!), put them on some nice soft white bread (must be the pappy variety, no chewiness here please), douse liberally with Kewpie mayonnaise, top with crisp iceberg lettuce and thinly sliced onions (Vidalia if you got 'em). Then tuck in for a very happy belly!
Your blog always makes me hungry, think I'll go make me some aforementioned kimchi jigae right now!

I love luncheon meat! The French think it resembles some stale meat for cat food but when they taste it in the fried rice I cook, they just ask for more! It's a favourite of children in Singapore too!

All these luscious Spam creations sound great! Anyone out there know how to order the Guam Hot and Spicy here in the States?

dave, i haven't seen the local edition in awhile, just the regular hot and spicy. maybe it's out of production...?