the ocd: stacking problem

dishorder: stacking problem

when i go out to eat, i have an uncontrollable urge to stack all the plates on the table.


Hehehe!! that's a funny habit.. ever wonder why...?? perhaps.. you are in need of order..??

OMG, you too???? I'm relieved, it's a global thing then.

Are you an ex-smoker?

Ex-smokers always need soemthing to twiddle with after dinner. I know.

hi mrs.t--hm. maybe. i think it's more of a crowding/confinement issue. but i do sort out the plates according to size and i usually eye up the server to see if they've got the upper body strength to handle a big stack or if it's better to do several smaller stacks. that's more disorder than order. dishorder. dish horder. oh, now that's the ocd kicking in ;-)

oslofoodie--yay! another one! i've got at least two family members doing it now too.

pieman--nope, not a ex- or current smoker. twiddling, though. i'm familiar with that.

And I just thought I was being a courteous diner!

It does depend on the restaurant though. I didn't do it at Tets, and at Chinese restaurants it's often more fun to watch the waiter build a kind of crockery spaceship on the larger platters.

oh, yeah, i probably wouldn't do it at tets either, but i'd fuss over the chopsticks and move around glasses a bit. does he have beautiful dishes? i'll bet he has some interesting ones.

crockery spaceships are fun, i think i stack at chinese restaurants to get a more ergonomically sound spaceship started.

Hey, me too!! I was influenced by my aunt. She stacks up and make the table easier to clear for the restaurant!

Hi Santos,

I'm not a stacker, but I like to have the dishes lined up in a certain order. I got upset with a server once for moving a dish to a different location on the table.

hi pinkcocoa! spiceblog anthony says a lot of waiters hate this because sometimes the stacks are too heavy, badly made, or thrust on them when they are doing something else. i don't really force them on the server unless there isn't any more room, but i bet they look at the table with all the stacks and think "uh oh".

hey reid--really? that's sort of awesome. was the server trying to make more room? i think if a server moved my plate that i was still eating off of, i'd be annoyed.

Ai ya! I do this too! I think it's a complusive Asian habit. ::LOL:: I grew up in the restaurant biz so I guess that's another reason why I stack it - it's easier to clear the tables (well, if you stack 'em right...)

Phew! Looks like I'm not the only one! I stack the plate and pick up any bits of food that are on the table. I think my compulsion for doing this comes from my years of working in restaurants while in college.
By the way..... How's the puppy? You haven't updated on him lately.

Ummm, I only do that at kaiten sushi places. I will stack and sort the plates according to colours and then arrange the stacks based on height.

I do that too - drives my husband crazy because I usually stack them all in the middle or on his side. :) When I'm done, I just don't want to stare at a dirty plate, I guess. ;)

hi 888--i don't know if it's an asian thing, but i'll bet more asians do stack.

biscuit girl--i clean up the tables too, but i'm embarrassed at how messy i can get :-) you can see more puppy photos on flickr--he's getting big!

st--i stack and sort too. but because i think stacking is expected, i tend to try to make skyscrapers :-D

sweetnicks--(laughing) of course! i don't want all those dirty plates in front of me either!

Hi Santos,

I don't think the server was trying to make room. I think he was just doing it to irritate me. There was lots of room on the table already.

hey reid--man, i *hate* hostile servers it makes me want to put a fork into their elbows or something.

Not only do I stack, I mop up the water rings and any sauce dribbles. This is disturbing to see so many people come out and admit it. We need a 12-steps program or something. "Hello. I'm Third Shift, and I stack and clean where it's not even my job."

(laughing) so third shift, is this a searing indictment against society that

a) we are so eager to believe we are in a classless society so we do not want to make anyone feel inferior by having to clean up after us

b) we do not want to seem helpless and so useless that we don't know how to clean up after ourselves so we do it to prove we can

c) we are so used to inept service we feel the need to do it ourselves


d) everyone needs a disorder, might as well be stacking


My mum's dining table rule : Only stacking the plates in the end of a meal. If I stack plates like this during meal, she is going to give a smash on my hands. :P

hi fish fish--i'm sure it is a terrible breach of etiquette, bad manners to stack, isn't it? that's why i won't do it in really really nice places. oh, heck, you know what? i probably would if it came down to lac of space.

Usually in those conveyor sushi places. Then I horrify muself with my super-skyscraper.

One weird thing I do is to ask the server not to change plates too often, because my mum said that minimises my exposure to dishwashing liquid!


hi umami! it's a compulsion, isn't it, at those conveyor places. they make it so easy!

Yikes! I do this too, aside from bossing around waiters, asking for extra saucers, condiments, etc. Perhaps because I serve at the table at home and the rule is, you have to know before the diner asks for what he/she needs. Ayayay!

I'm also a stacker, it comes from growing up in the restaurant biz and also because so many restaurants have teeny weensy tables. After a meal, I like to spread out a bit, hence the stacking!