flower pup

i'm at risk of turning this into a dogblog, but since i already started it here, you should known puppy is in hospital being treated for parvo. hopefully, he will survive, but if you could spare a good or healing thought for him, he could surely use it right about now. i'll keep you updated....


Awwwww, I hope Ralph will be allright, some warms thoughts are heading his way.

Aww beautiful puppy! I am sending vibes of peace and health!

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you'll be alright ralphie, you've got all the good wishes and power of healing from me.

Hi Santos/Ralph!

Who could resist that face? He's so cute! He'll make it through just fine. Our thoughts and prayers are with him...

More healing thoughts for puppy..! Hope he gets well soon.. :)

all the best for the little feller.

all the best for the little feller.

here's a cyber ((hugs)) from me and my dog, YuRee. he'll get well with the warm and tender loving care from you ms. santos.

aww... that cute little thing shouldn't be suffering so much :-( I'm really sorry to hear about the parvo. I'll keep little fluffy Ralphie in my prayers and thoughts and wishes and everything.... I had a rot that almost died of parvo, and so many friends lots such wonderful pets to the disease. He looks like a fighter though... good luck!

Oh poor puppy! Warm thoughts from the other side of the sea.

What a cute puppy. Here's to his good health!

P.S. I love your pillow!

poor thing, hope he's back on his feet real soon!

i hope ralph is doing well! he looks like a fuzzier version of my late beloved Best Dog Ever, who was a white shepherd/yellow lab/whippet mix. Hug his adorableness for me.

Hi santos, I prayed for little Ralph to get better. Let us know how he gets on.

hey, get better. both of you. NOW.

i had a dog when i was in high school who had parvo as well but he recovered from it. here's hoping that ralph will feel better soon!