flower pup up

hello, doggy back from hospital, doing well. we all want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and well wishes to the young pup, as he has literally bounced back. however, an unfortunate side effect that no one anticipated is that he is no longer a puppy and has turned into an albino vampire bat!!!!!







welcome back ralph, we're happy you are well, no matter how you, eh, look. yeah.

Ok, that second photo is really pretty scary. You sure you brought home the right pup, santos? I hope it's just a temporary side effect from the medicine. :)

Yikes! And look at those baby vampire, er... doggie teeth!

But then all's well that ends well. :-)

chika-san! omg, i know!!!!

hi julia, in retrospect, i'm not sure it is the same pup. oh well.

ate! i am being nipped to death. i'm using my hairbands to shut the aswang's mouth for respite.

I'm so glad to hear he recovered!! Your pics of him crack me up. He is such a cutie......

(Oh, But I think I'd sleep with some garlic around my neck......just in case) :)

Hee... I like the photos!

Congrats on the new puppy and a healthy one at that!

What a cutie!

What a cute pup! I'm waiting for dog biscuit recipes :)

tell me you did that in Photoshop...those can't be his real teeth!

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Awwww, what a cute pup, vampire teeth and all!

Bwaahaahaa...what a cute little chomper! I'm glad he's feeling better, Santos!


Hahahaha! My side is aching!