a valentine's day soundtrack

i've been tagged for music in my kitchen by adam, mcauliflower, miss j, and galinusa, but pieman was the first to reach me, so i gave it up to him--you can find my response here. but thank you lovely women and funny dude for the backsies--if i could do it again, i would! and i'd have completely different answers the next time around.

on this valentine's day i've been listening to some of my favourite albums ever, including the go-betweens' 16 lovers lane, style council's café bleu, everything but the girl's eden, and the quiet now series.

although i would love to give everyone a big cookie for valentine's, i don't think they'll be in particularly good shape by the time they get to you; instead, i'll send a valentine's day soundtrack to you on cd, if you are one of the next few to comment below!


Happy Valentine, Santos. Are you cooking today? Today I feel like someone cooking for me (for a change) or be blind-folded and bundled up to be deposited at a fancy restaurant. Hmm, probably too much details.

Me want ceedee!


hi oslo foodie--we stayed in to watch the grammys, sadly. too burned out from western and chinese new years' celebrations, so this is as romantic as it got, 'm'fraid.

want a cd? email me with your address!


of course :-D i'm thinking of expanding it to mp3 format. more stuff.

me want cd, too! (and you've got my addy.)

got some books and was taken to a Korean restaurant (with the toddler) where nothing costs over $11. when you have a toddler, that's as romantic as you can get. food was unbelievably great, though. books? who has time to read? i have Gourmet and Food&Wine magazine subrcriptions and I'm 4 issues behind.

happy valentine's to you! that's one heck of a cookie. my mouth is watering...

Yes, I want one, santos, could not click on the email link but I have found your email address.

oh oops, so much for that. if anyone else wants one, leave a comment here or email me at green.bananas@gmail.com

hey, I could do with a CD too, on the basis that my valentine's day 3000 miles away from my boy consisted of going to the local Mexican with my roommate for fajitas...no romance for me!!

your valentine's tea sounds so good too. My valentine's present (from my mum) was this saffron

I'd like a cool CD :-) Do you still have my address? How is Guam doing? Anymore volcanic eruptions and what not?

hallo purplegirl, hana, oslofoodie and toni--i'll have the cd out in the post by the end of the week!

no more volcanic eruptions. yet. just two earthquakes (one 6.4 one 6.3)!! eep!!!

Cafe Bleu... you're making me cry now!

hi santos
oh i am two days out of valentines day, but if you pretty pink please send me a cd i will trade you with maybe a little selection of ragingyoghurt postcards?
why, thank you.

hi keiko--the match that started my fire >sigh<

bowb--postcards? you're on!

i'm sure i'm too late for either a cookie or a cd...but happy vd belated, let it be everyday ha!