coconut curry rice with prawns

curry rice

i had a fantastic curry prawn risotto from firefly bistro, but i lack the patience for the stirstirstir, so i came up with this similar dish for the lazy or harried home version. short grain white rice is cooked in coconut milk with a few tablespoonfuls of curry powder (in a rice cooker), then a handful of toasted dessicated coconut thrown in after cooking. add a few grilled prawns, some sliced sweet cherry tomatoes and green onions. top with cashews fried in garlic and you have a lovely composed dinner; mix it all up and you have a great rice salad for lunch. if you want to do a vegetarian version, smoked tofu goes very well with this or any sort of steamed dark green veggie, like spinach or even okra....


This looks yummy! Hungry now :-)

anjali speaks! it was yummy. i like it better mushed up and only a little warm as a salad. i think i'd like to add chili peppers next time to make it spicier.

Hi Santos! This sounds like my kind of recipe, easy, quick, and delicious!

Santos, I'm hungry now...

Looks good - nice pic

hi jmom! it's sooooo simple and quick. i think jade and maybe even clone would like it if you adjust the spices accordingly.

hi keiko! me too :-)

hi bhr-thanks for stopping by, i like your photos too.

Oh this looks so satisfying! I can almost smell its aroma.

so did you just substitute coconut milk for water in the rice cooker? it's so simple i can't believe it. it's definitely a must-try!

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hi karen! it was!

hi purplegirl! i did! and it was!

After bookmarking this recipe long ago, I finally made this coconut curry tonight. Everyone loved it! The only change I made was to make it as an actual risotto (I love that creaminess), adding chicken stock for the extra liquid required. Thanks Santos!