spring onion bread

i am too full to blog. recipe here. chinese in origin, but awesomely tasty with indian-spiced food or on their own.


my kids adore these! yours look gorgeous. sometimes i fry an egg onto some of them and serve 'em up for breakfast. thanks for the recipe link.

was that chocolate sauce you had with it?

hailyn! what a *great* idea. dang. now i'll make more for breakfast, and then i can stuff myself *again*. sheeeesh. happy lunar new year to you!

purplegirl! hm. there's an idea. actually, it's hoisin thinned out with sesame oil and a little duck broth so i could squirt it out of a bottle and play with my food :-D

thanks for this recipe! I was going to bring hoisin chicken in lettuce cups to cooking group tonight, and this will go perfectly too! passion fruit curd, that must be so yummy!

hi maia! happy new year to you! the passionfruit curd was indeed very yummy and now i am looking forward to the next time i can make it.

Dude, this looks like the Scallion Pancake.