ginger shoot



I couldn't get it at first, but I think Chika is right... beautiful shot.

hi chika!

got it in one ;-)

hi keiko!

i have been using the flash on my little camera lately because it seems to completely distort/change the colour, which i love. of course, the colour is really not like this in reality, but it was so pretty i had to keep the shot.

hey Santos! that is a beautiful picture - I've never seen a ginger shoot before. I have a dumb question - is that something you grew, something you purchased to cook with, or something you purchased to display (like flowers) or none of the above? I buy the rhizomes in the store, but have no concept of what a ginger plant looks like or how it grows.

hi cathy! i keep meaning to get to the follow-up post to this....

myoga comes from a specific type of ginger that's a hardy woodland variety; depending on where you are, you can get it as an ornamental for your garden, find it wild in the woods, or find it cultivated for eating. i don't know if we have it here, but i know we don't have it personally. i will take photos of the tropical ginger plants around the house, and i'll post that this weekend!

Stunning pics!!