only 310 days 'til christmas!


from the march 2005 edition of livingetc, which is like, a grown-up girl's holiday wishbook. look! there's a dedicated jar slot for cardamom! it's a little fussy, but i'm still plotzing.


I saw this in the Sunday Times magazine (I think) and thought it was cool until I saw the price tag of...860 pounds! Huh?!?!?!??!? Are the jars and canisters lined in platinum?

I'm desperate for a solution to my annoying spice cabinet- how do you store yours?


When I first saw the title of your post I thought maybe you had decided to get an early start on your Christmas cookies!

hi moira! it was only £810 in this article :-D let's see...powerbook? spice cabinet? powerbook? spice cabinet? i think it's time i take up carpentry.

actually, what i love the most are the pastel enamel saucepans and enamel kitchen canisters on *top* of the cabinet; i've been looking for those saucepans everywhere and they're only sold in the EU, boo.

right now my spices are tucked away in a drawer near the oven. it works very well for me, as it's within reach if i'm preparing something. just really boring :-)

hi cathy! er, i'll be sending *those* cookies to you in um, 309 days....

Hi Santos - I've been reading Living etc since I came to UK! (I buy more interior books than cookery ones) I remember the spice cabinet - I really like the retro look, actually I was considering posting about 1950s British kitchen cabinets.

hi keiko

isn't livingetc great? it's the only design magazine that i know of that specifically caters to women (but of course, men read it too). please do post about 1950s british kitchen cabinets, i'd love to see that!