madagascar madness!

remember that honkin' large bottle of madagascar vanilla extract i bought a couple of months ago? well, king arthur flour has slashed the prices by half, and now the 32 oz. bottle is only $38. i know that sounds like a lot, but it really isn't, especially considering that a 4oz. bottle is $11. if you aren't experimenting with making your own extract like zarah and rachel, this is a deal worth a thousand (or more) cookies!

ps--sur la table is selling the 8oz. bottle for $39.95! see? madness i tell you, maaaadnessss!


nooooooooooooo!!! i just bought an 8 oz. bottle for $24.95 which is already a good deal but 32 oz. for $38? now that's a steal!

do i hear chantilly cream?

wow, no typo, that's a steal!

yup, a steal!!!

thanks for the heads up Santos! I just ordered some. It will definitely be the biggest bottle of vanilla that I've ever owned!

Off topic: Would be wonderful to have your tagilo/balo-balo recipe posted! No need to be original. As you said, it's not just disgusting but it's good for you. :-)

Wow... that's quite a big bottle! Do you know if it expires?

The vanilla extract in Tijuana just isn't doing it for me. :)

hi cathy--with all the cookies you bake for mondays with maida, you might go through it faster than you think :-)

hi karen--too late! we ate it all.

hey ollie--haven't heard from you in awhile. all that vanilla, you can macerate some tasty insects in that. actually, since the vanilla extract is like, 99.99% alcohol, it gets better the older it is (although i can't say how long is too long). i had a bottle for four years that was quite intense towards the end. i have no idea why it's so cheap, so maybe we'll all find out when our bottles show up :-D