cinnamon brioche rolls, take 2

cinnamon rolls

i need a good brioche recipes, does anyone have one? i'd attempted cinnamon brioche rolls before, and liked the taste, but wasn't thrilled with the texture or look of them. this time, i've got the colour down, the taste is pretty good, but i still don't like the way they look or the texture. they are fluffy and tender but i freakishly want something flakier and drier, more like puff pastry, without being crumbly. does that make sense? am i wrong to want that? anyway, i'm not sure what i'm look for in way of looks, but maybe i just need to roll it out more.

anyway, these were fine. brioche dough, rolled out, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, rolled it up...oh you know. i didn't put all that much cinnamon nor sugar, but i did run the mix through the food processor to make it finer before dusting the dough with it. result--soft but crunchy on the outside, lightly sweet, lightly spicy, lightly buttery and not oozy in any way.


top tip: i put the dough in a hyperbaric chamber to help it rise. no, i didn't, what the .... if i was michael jordan and had a hyperbaric chamber in my house and was contemplating eccentricity overload i might, but no. i put the dough in a container with marked measurements so it's easier for me to figure out when the dough has doubled during rising.


These look too perfect to be eaten! But then again when I smell cinnamon, nothing stops me. :-)

Wow, these look amazing! Anything scrolly has always frightened me away from making them.

P.s. I have been a bad girl and have yet to complete my entries for 1000 recipes. I hope to finish with the pics etc in the next week or two. Sorry!

Great photos on these pages! What digicam do you use, if I may ask?

hi karen! i love cinnamon, too. i've met a lot of filipinos lately who really don't like it, but i never ask why. perhaps it's too pungent??

hey saffron
this was easy. what i usually do is i make and shape it just before i go to bed, and then i do the second rise in the fridge. it helps the little buggers to keep their shape and look much prettier.

take...your...tiiiiimmmmme with the book :-) of course, i've already done my entry so i'm not anxiously awaiting it, unlike the 11 people after you!

hi nori, thank you for the lovely compliment and thank you for stopping by! i just have a nikon coolpix 2500. it was about $150, gets knocked around, and probably has 0 megapixels, but as you can see, the photos are a-ok. chika from she who eats uses the same camera, so obviously, bigger and more expensive is not necessarily better :-)

Your cinnamon rolls look yummy. I just baked some sticky buns over the weekend using a brioche dough from a recipe by Nancy Silverton. You can find her recipe in the Baking with Julia book. Hope you will try that recipe and let me know if it is what you wanted.

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