tomato plants

have i told you i'm a lousy gardener? i can get stuff to sprout but beyond that...well, it's a good thing i like sprouts. i have a tiny bit of a black thumb, thumbelina, rasputina of the garden. and i cannot seem to take a focused photo of the tomato plant flowers, but crikey, ook, look, there they are. pretty. a wonder. cross fingers and toes, please, that these may find success amongst the ruins.


I like to put sheep manure on my tomatoes.

Oh really, I prefer mine with a little olive oil.

mmm. mutton manure. and olive oil.

anyone have a good way of getting rid of aphids?

Aphids are nasty, can spread diseases and grow in number very quickly. If you're not keen on pesticide try garlic oil. Good luck.

well, i sprayed them down with mix of dishwashing liquid, castile soap, and baking soda highly diluted with water, would it be stupid to top it off with the garlic oil now?

oh yeah, duh. blogger making me anon again.

No mercy. At the very least you can then pick them off and fry them up.