eomeote #2

anthony from spiceblog's got that end of the month egg on toast on a plate (hopefully) #2 thingo going on. even though as i type i am indulging in an egg dinner (more kylie by way of oslo foodie than anything), there is no toast, not even a plate. and no audience today, ta. however, i do have this lurvely sticker set which i bought from the little korean store next to the boba place with the coconut toast and melon ice, so props all around.


Geee...such a lovely sticker

hi fish fish

very cute! the same sticker set has happy bento too.

Enjoy your eggs dinner and cheers for the cute piccie (you've just answered my flickr question). The story on Oslo foodie made me smile and think of how much was done in overcoming prejudice to let the Vietnamese in here My sadder memories are of people spreading crap about them having all this gold in their boats and the Boat People Go Home graffiti. I'd like to think we're better than that now but ah well it's Sunday

PS you don't need a plate for EoMEoTE

luckily we were spared from all the racism (hey, they look like us!), and apparently my mom actually knew a couple with at least a box full of gold, not necessarily a boatful. and i remember my friend caroline got to guam from saigon on air france.

ah, right. toast works wonders as a serving device, doesn't it? dang, and i just remembered i've got the perfect bread for it.

I had Kylie's fried eggs with oyster sauce, bird's eye chillies and spring onion for breakfast. Very un-Norwegian but I would go crazy if I don't try new things for breakfast once in awhile. Right now I am imagining duck fried eggs, done the same way. Unfortunately we don't have any fresh duck eggs anywhere in Oslo.

i presume no fresh ducks in oslo, then ;-)

That's the darn thing, I suspect there is only one or two of duck suppliers around here and they're only sold at very few shops. Every time I see these fresh ducks, I feel like jumping from where ever I was and say, "A-ha!!! What did you do with the rest of the eggs?!". I asked around the asian shops but they said something about the strict regulations that hindered them to bring in imported duck eggs. I went to a town in Denmark once that had some salted duck eggs (which I love in rice porridge), I went totally crazy and bought all the cartons they had in the store. It was quite a tense experience trying to cross the border to Norway with some prepared speech for the customs in case they wonder about these weirdly encased eggs.