holiday cheer at cup and saucer

cup and saucer bakery in agaña (ok, if i must--hågatña) is ready for christmas. my favourite items are the brown sugar sesame shortbread, the christmas cookie paint set which includes white frosted sugar cookies packed with a paintbrush and little paint pots of food colour, and the candy clay kit with edible "play dough", a roller and cookie cutters. verrrry cute. veronica calvo-perez, who owns the bakery along with firefly bistro next door, bakes a fantastic pecan pie laced with jack daniels, pumpkin raisin bread, and eggnog cheesecake with real eggnog and brandy. this year she has introduced a vegan pumpkin cheese pie made with tofu cream cheese, honey, soy milk and pumpkin, and these excessively fabulous snowflake sugar cookies. i'm going to wear mine as earrings.

cup and saucer bakery/café
martyr street, downtown hågatña


ooh, may i take a peek of santos wearing the tiffany blue/snowflake earrings?? heehee, this sounds like a hip bake shop.
what a neat idea to sell cooking painting kits...guam is so hip! boston's so dreary... :( sorry the cold is killing me...

Hi Santos,

What wonderful looking cookies. I've never seen any like 'em. How do they taste?

hi stel!
sorry, i actually ate those cookies :P it is a pretty hip little shop. ronnie always tries to make things a little different for the island, but without getting too funky. the space it great, though. here's a photo of my cousin jay at one of the tables.

hey reid
just like sugar cookies, very vanilla-y and buttery. the sugar frosting was a little heavy, but over all, it's very good cookie.

My sisters have just returned from Guam and fortunately for me they brought me some treats from Cup and Saucer. The Fruitcake is fabulous, lots of nuts, a few cherries, raisins and not too much cake. It is one of the best fruitcakes I have tasted. The chocolate macaroons are very good. There is also a apple spice, nut, raisin cookie that is also good (bite size).
I can't wait to visit !!!!!!!!!

Thank you Ronnie and staff