back to work bento

ah, back to work. it's not even christmas and already i am in debt up to my ears (and wondering about buying another camera--anyone have any opinions about panasonic DMC-FZ20? anyone? anyone?), so hi ho (no--not you), hiho, it's off to work i go. since it is oyster season in japan, it must be oyster season on guam :-) yay! oyster bento on offer for the next few weeks! this one is obviously panko-breaded and fried, and served with a tonkatsu sauce. juicy and delish.


Hi Santos,

Buy the camera! =)

I'm saving up to buy the exact same one...well, actually ...I had it on order, then cancelled. I'm going to wait for a price drop (hopefully after Christmas). Was thinking of also buying the more PORTABLE model listed here.

Hi Santos,

Sorry...got too excited there. Oyster katsu looks good! Must have tasted good too. =P *hungry*

oh yay :-) i like the compact one too, but i need something more substantial for me clumsy fat digits.

yeah, i'm probably going to buy it. now should i get it now, before the holidays or should i wait until i go to japan in the springtime?

Reid beat me to it before I could say Reid will know.

Kaki furai is just brilliant and the heart of its specialty area. Miyajima, is one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

Japan in Spring? Do tell.

that bento makes me hungry now...
regarding the camera..know nothing much about that but do know how to get one - just hint hint hint to your loved ones...hehehe

Welcome back, Santos. Too bad you didn't try Noodles at the Bellagio but maybe next time!

Hi Santos,

The prices for the camera are quite high in Japan right now (I think they were about US$700 3 weeks ago). Here, I am able to get one for US$549. If you can find one cheaper than US$500, I would consider it a great deal and would tell you to buy it. I'll be in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (maybe) and Japan in the spring. I'll be shopping around and checking the prices then too.

For now, the US dollar is really weak against the Japanese yen. If you are able to wait a while, I would suggest doing so.

One of the advantages of waiting a little while in Japan is that the price drops quickly for cameras which aren't the latest and greatest, i.e. anything over 6 months. There are also smoe excellent second hand camera stores. So a little patience does wonders. My Nikon 4500 was box fresh and only cost me $200 or so US.

Thanks Anthony...care to recommend any shops in particular?

okay weird blogginess abound--anthony your comments were stuck in ghostworld until about ten seconds ago, and now they are in perfect sequential order. i knew somewhere there was a heart made of oysters, with sea water coursing through like blood.

i'm being groupie and selfish child by effing off as much of next year as my woeful finances will allow. osaka. for a day. tokyo. for a day. did i mention something about woeful finances?

hi mik! i love my loved ones but they are thick as milkshakes. if i hint at a camera, i'll get an xxl hooters t-shirt, i just know it.

hi jonny! noodles. mmmmm. noodles.

i'd like to wait to get a camera as it's not imperative, but then again, this is the first year i'll be in my place on the beach that is right in front of the new year's fireworks display which would be soooo lovely to photograph, if only i had a realllly nice camera. not a hooters t-shirt.

nine parts water, one part ermm stuff

Blogger just went mad for me yesterday. Posts appearing and disappearing, signing in not signing in, a whole post disappeared after I commented over at Avatars, and at one stage my template dissappeared. Spooky.

erm, aren't you supposed to be making avatar's day or something right about now?

Ha! My cycle pants last saw action at Limbo's nightclub in 1988 as part of my Age of Chance look phase.

age of chance or age of consent? awww, don't get mad...get even! :-)

Hey cheeky, act your age not your shoe size : )

sadly, if we're talking european sizing, my age *and* my shoe size are pretty much the same.

Oysters are my favourite.. however way it comes in.. yum..!!!