back, jack

back on island. whoo. not. rainy and a little depressing, and my flat is covered in mold and...something. ah well. easily remedied. i shall continue blogging on both third and fairfax, along with this one, at least until the year's end, as there is so much i didn't get around to blogging. ah. stay tuned.


Welcome back Santos! =)

hi reid!

thanks for the warm welcome. can you believe the only burger i had the entire time i was away was on the plane ride back? no in-n-out! no carney's! no cassell's! ah well.

Hi Santos,
Welcome back! I'll be missing you in 3rd and Fairfax though. I've been enjoying your L.A. posts, made me feel like I was back there again. :)

But, I'm also glad that you are home again. That means your mom must be better, yeay!, and that means you'll be cooking again, another yeay!