recipe: guacamole.

i'm told it's really good, but i wouldn't know. i'm so allergic to avocados, i can't touch them or i break out in boils. just looking at this photo makes my throat tighten up.

so why do i make it? people ask for it. it's my own personal "fear factor", s'pose. and i love the fact that in french, the word for 'avocado' is the same word for 'lawyer'.

this is based on a recipe from border grill in santa monica, ca. i love it to pieces, but i wish they would stop adding avocados to my food, even when i specifically ask not to have it in. *sigh*. okay, ingredients: 3 ripe avocados, roughly mashed; the juice from two juicy limes; one red onion, finely chopped, one giant bunch of cilantro, washed and roughly chopped, one habañero pepper, finely chopped (with seeds!), salt and pepper to taste.

mix. eat or stare at it, depending on your allergies.

ps--salsa recipe pretty much the same, only instead of avocados, it's a couple pounds of tomatoes, and an addition of two finely chopped garlic cloves.


Hi santos, finally found a difference b/w us..I love avocados..guacamole, as soup, in salad, in sandwiches or simply mashed avocados on toast..and even avocados milk shake and avocados dessert (avocados+coconut milk)..mik

hey mik

i wouldn't say i don't like it...no, you know what? i don't. i am also allergic to chocolate, and only after i developed the allergy did i start to crave it. but i'm much more allergic to avocados, so bad reaction overrules tastiness.