1 question about 2 things that only 3 people will comment on

what three bands/singers and three foods don't you like that other people do? we're talking rant v rave, here.

ps--i'm hoping more than 3 people will actually respond to this....


Food to avoid at all costs..... Lima beans, menudo, beets. Music that hurts my head.... Kenny G, Jessica Simpson, any American Idol winner.

Hated "music": Britney Spears, Linkin Park, The Beatles.

Hated "food": okra, super-processed and preservative-laden American grocery store food, any kind of meat- or fish- based mousse.

Rants: instant oatmeal, offal/organ meats, japanese pickled ginger...hiphop bands, boy bands and Britney!!!

Hi Santos,

I was hoping that someone else would be number 4, but since no one else is responding...

3 foods that I don't like:
onions, celery and cauliflower. (are you surprised?)

3 bands/singers that I don't like:
this one's difficult...uhhh, Ricky Martin, LaToya Jackson...and Jasmine Trias...(and I'm from Hawaii!)...if she doesn't count, you can add in Whitney Houston.

hey reid

i'm a little surprised about onions. la toya doesn't count. whitney does.

Jim Morrison, Van Morrison, Alanis Morrissonette - posers every last one of 'em, can I add some more, no?

capsicum, dark chocolate, Scottish Restaurant - only last one of them has free will and that makes it the suckiest

[trolling] U hate Coliflower! what a LOOSER! I bet U like artichokes[/trolling]

any inflammatory comments regarding any member of the cruciferae and/or brassicaceae family, including but not limited to alyssum, candytuft, cabbage, radish, broccoli shall be forwarded to the agricultural aggrievance adjudicators. please be advised that they do not take trolling lightly, as they consist mostly of high ranking, well established and esteemed garden gnomes.


meat mousse?! awesome.

Hi Santos,

Actually, I don't like raw onions. I don't like their texture or their flavor.



band/singers : Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears (lately)and anyone who are in techno music

food : durian, jackfruit and lamb fry :)

hey mik

i'm with you on the durian and jackfruit, and i think lamb tastes like old sweaters....but what exactly is lamb fry?

they are lamb liver..lamb's fry and bacon - used to be a popular breakfast dish in Australia but nowadays they are only found in the older cafe/restaurant.

my first response is "blurgh" but i think i'd probably try it once. why not. as long as it's not blue and it doesn't move.

Music - Craig David (boring boring boring); Marilyn Manson (poseur of note); Katie Melua. Ugh.

Foods - bananas (shudder); beetroot; Sambucca (does that count?? If not, I'll have to go for jellied eels!!)

hey jeanne

thanks for stopping by. so totally with you on katie melua. bleugh.

bananas! sambucca!! i actually almost had a recipe involving bananas and sambucca--good thing there wasn't any beetroot (or jellied eels for that matter) :-)

Santos: Yep. And I stand by it! Anything that combines meat with gelatin, I won't touch. Like those dodgy terrines. And jellied eel. And salmon mousse. Even gefilte fish.

Along those lines, pickled meats cuts awfully close, so I avoid those as well. :P

I would have said durian, too. But to me, it's more of a guest-repellant than it is food. :-D