purple sweet potatoes

generally known as the okinawan purple sweet potato--beni imo--but on guam, known as the rota sweet potato, as the nearby island is the main producer of this crop.

i like these better than the yellow or orange sweet potatoes (are the yellow ones yams? i get confused), as they are quite dense and starchy but not dry, and have an almost nutty taste to them. and they are crazy purple.


My oldest daughter would LOVE the purple mashed potatoes. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite food is potatoes! LOL.


hey ro

thanks for stopping by! if you fry them, the insides stay a beautiful jewel-y purple too. but i don't think i'd pair it with those hideous multicoloured ketchups, though. too scary.

Hi Santos,

I love Okinawan sweet potatoes. BTW...the Annual Okinawan Festival just concluded this past Sunday... I missed it! =( Too bad, as I was dreaming of the andagi!

hey reid

bummer about missing the festival. mmmm. andagi. more deep fried goodness. do you ever make them? would you care to share? ;-)

The purple mash looks beautiful, Santos. I imagine it goes well with the salmon. Nice combination!

hey, my dad recently acquired a love for sweet potatos and have been steaming them every other week. anyhow, he bought the purple ones too and we made porridge with it. the result was hilarious! contact me if u'd like a pic! ;) btw, im from singapore..