ginger-soy glazed salmon with purple mash

glaze for the broiled (grilling or barbecuing would work a treat, though) salmon consisted of hoisin sauce, soy sauce, grated ginger, crushed garlic, and some mirin to thin in out. sweet potato mash was made with the rota sweet potatoes, coconut milk, and a tiny bit of grated ginger and red pepper flakes.


That looks so yummy! What do you do to your pics to make them look so colorful and delicious?

shhhhhhh (as i scamble to close up photoshop....)!!!

actually, i don't tweak them all that much. i try to take all photos in the morning, when i can get the best (indirect) light, and if you'll notice, i almost always use the same set of dishes which aren't white, but off-white so the food looks brighter than if they were on true white. most of the fiddling around is cropping (hence, the erratic photo sizes), and occasionally sharpening up the image.

oh yeah, it helps to take photos of the best looking specimen in the bunch. i didn't exactly pick out all those asparagus spears individually, but i took care in prepping them before cooking so they'd be uniform, and i did the same for the salmon fillets.

Hi Santos,

I do have to agree that the photos look wonderful. Perhaps you should think about becoming a food photographer! Now wouldn't that be a dream job. Food, photography, eating... =) Brings a smile to my face. This looks delish!

hey oslo foodie

thanks for stopping by! i actually bought the salmon because i thought i might try your recipe for pan-fried salmon with dill and sour cream, but somehow got waylaid when my dad brought me some purple potatoes. it turned out well, but i think next time i'll try spicing up the fish more (maybe chili and coriander) and keep the potatoes sweet and bland.

hi santos,
did you cook the purples much like regular potatoes? (boil in water under tender?) i'm wondering how to make ube ice cream...

hey claudine

this sweet potato cooks like a regular potato, but ube is way harder, you have to cut it up and boil it, it doesn't really bake well. and it takes f. o. r. e. v. e. r.

i remember an ube ice cream recipe that went something like making a regular ice cream base but instead of heavy cream and milk use heavy cream and coconut milk. then add mashed ube to the mix before putting it in the ice cream maker. does that help?

that helps... silly claudine assumes any purple potato is ube... :P

hey claudine

no worries, i used to think they were the same too!