imbb 8: the return of the cherry mary, bonus sexy oysters

olga returns.

the 8th edition of IMBB is on, the theme: lift your spirits high! the idea: use wine or spirits as a central component to your recipe.

thought about it, and the only two recipes i have and like that use spirits as a central (actually, *essential*) component, are grilled sea bugs, and cherry marys. couldn't decide which was cuter sexier, so i tossed a coin, and the latter won. so my IMBB entry is a previous post, the cherry mary.

for those of you bored with olga, here's something else:

oysters on the half shell with salmon roe, chives, tiny diced tomato, and wasabi-vodka ice.

the wasabi-vodka ice is made simply by mixing one cup of water with one ounce of wasabi paste (about 2/3rds of a standard sized tube), and the zest of one lime. freeze, using the monkey method, or put into a resealable bag, freeze, and break up any big crystals intermittently. add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of premium vodka, and spoon onto oysters.

revision: i'm still tinkering with the wasabi ice recipe; i'm thinking better results can be had with 1-1 1/2 cups of soda water (fluffier ice), and 1/4 cup of vodka (less melting).


oh my goodness, santos, that looks absolutely decadent! wasabi vodka ice?!! and oysters??? ... i feel like swooning!

Agree with Claudine..that dish is so sexy too..am thinking of having that for our Christmas dinner... just a reminder, it will a hot summer Christmas in this part of the world, so this will be perfect for the occasion..Mik

hey claudine

i was busy ogling that giant block of callebaut on your imbb post....mmmmm

hey mik

i had trouble keeping the ice from melting, with all that vodka--i think if i was making them for a party, or more than 6 (which is what i had here), i would try making a sorbet with egg whites, maybe it would be more stable...? or just have a hint of vodka.

do you or claudine have any ideas how this can "keep" for a crowd?

Oh my, can't get more sinful than this! Hey Santos, don't worry about 'keeping' them, they will disappear in a flash! Especially if I'm around, he he ;)

hi jmom!

lol about "keeping" them around (or not), but ya gotta admit, wasabi ice is way sexier than wasabi water :-)

Wasabi Vodka Ice... I am so there!
Looks divine.
Donna in Harrisburg, There's a Chef in My Kitchen

That belongs on the top shelf for sure.


hi donna

thanks for hosting this imbb, did you ever see such soused chefs :-)

hey pieman

i just read article that claims wasabi is actually a congestant, not a decongestant. i suppose if you stuff it up your nose, but you'd never know it from this--quite a refreshing punch, this.