coffee jelly

this one's for chika

coffee jelly drink, made with coffee gelatin cut into cubey shapes, milk, black coffee, and kahlua. the coffee jelly was simply made with a cup of black coffee (i use iron chef sakai coffee, always) and a packet of unflavoured gelatin dissolved through, then set in the fridge.

chika at she who eats has a similar recipe(with cute ducks even); since she posted first, she gets the first glass.


Hi Santos,

OOOoo, that looks really nice - it's really nice of you! Thanks!! *yum* *yum*

Hi Santos,

This looks good! This would have been a great treat today as it was hot and humid. Oh well, maybe I'll try to make this next weekend.

hey chika

i was laughing when i saw your post, because last week or so, mik had posted a recipe i was going to make, claudine posted a soup i had just made, and now you and i have made basically the same item. three strikes! blog synergy, or we all have similar tastes.

hey reid

it has been hot and muggy here, too, so i've been making this with my leftover morning coffee almost every day (without the kahlua and milk, though), and bringing it to work for an afternoon pick me up. i keep forgetting to freeze ice for my ice shaver though--this goes great with shaved ice.