blueberry butter cake

i buy a lot of cookbooks and food magazines from australia because i think much of the food is suited to island lifestyle and product/produce availability. i look for simple recipes without a lot of pfaff (a little pfaff is good :-)), and of course, gorgeous photos.

i don't think i'd ever made something from a book where the end product looked exactly like the photo, until i discovered bill granger's cookbooks. whatever i cook from any of them looks just as gorgeous as the picture in the book. that is so hot. i am so shallow. luckily, the food tastes as good as it looks, most recipes are easy to prepare, and the ingredients can be found with relative ease. whoo, bill.

this cake is from sydney food, one of my favourite cookbooks overall. i would love to reproduce all my favourite recipes from here, but i think buying the book would be the better way to go for all concerned.

**update: i originally had posted the recipe ("sydney food," page 108) but i found it here as well. as i don't quite get the whole copyright issue thingy, just click on the link to get the full recipe.**

notes: i used 2 1/2 cups of blueberries, just because, and a tablespoon of yuzu (a japanese citrus fruit--if you were so inclined, i'd use a mix of lemon and lime) zest in the cake batter. my regular oven wasn't working so i used a tabletop convection oven on non-convection mode (bigger than a toaster oven, smaller than convential oven), and it took almost twice the cooking time, 1 hour and 45 minutes. hm. if anyone decides to try this recipe, could you tell me if the regular cooking time works?


Hi Santos,

This looks yummy! I might be inclined to try the recipe if I can get my hands on some blueberries. Been looking in the stores but haven't found any. Will let you know how it goes. =)

This looks delicious! I just made another version of this cake last week, and it was a hit. My photos are not as beautiful as yours though. My version had nuts in the crumb topping. I'll have to try your version and try the sour cream addition. I love sour cream in cakes.

Bill Granger is great! His chocolate chip cookies is - after much trial and tribulation with other recipes - deemed the only one worthy of making in our household! This look yummy too! Great pictures!

hey reid

it reminds me of the blueberry buckle you'd made. i guess costco doesn't have that great blueberry sale anymore, huh. i'll bet frozen blueberries would work in this though.

hey jmom

i was just at your blog looking at the cake you mentioned. it looks great! i think any photo of food looks good.

hey zarah maria

i think the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies is just after the cake recipe in the book, because i keep passing by it, thinking "hmmm...." i'm glad you've confirmed it is as good as it looks; i hate baking cookies, but if it's worth it, i'll try it.

Hi Santos,
I'm in the berries' phase now...been having the fruits for the last 3 days...the cakes looks so yummy..have been trying to cut down my pudding and cake intake..very depressing when I shop for my bikini (even for the one-piece swimsuit)yesterday..have you ever seen a pregnant whale?? Mik


if you are shopping for a bikini, no way are you anywhere near whale-like proportions!!

Hi Santos! It was kind of JMom to lead me to your blog! I sure can learn a lot more from you! I love getting tips from actual experiences of fellow Asians (if a recipe satisfies your taste buds, it will surely do the same thing to mine.)