the 8500 calorie sandwich

(i just realised that i have problems typing "calorie", i always type "caroline" first; all the carolines i know are skinnier than sticks. what does this mean?)

ANYWAY, to the sandwich. (found via new yorkish)


oh my. that is indeed, an "affront to god" if i've ever seen one. also, the fact that 8000K+ calories must exceed the weekly caloric intake of a small impoverished african nation or something...

hey claudine

i know i should have been scared by the combo of meats ( chicken, chili burgers and bbq burgers) and the fact that the mushrooms began to stink after only 24 hours, but i was like "what?! double gloucester has 808 calories?!" not that i'm going to eat 200 grams in one sitting. but i might have in the past. those darn wine and cheese parties!

mmm carbo loading. Thinks.

man of action may become man of inaction once his arteries get clogged with all that double gloucester cheese and chili burger fat....