would you like to buy me a kenwood mixer?

because i would like one. here's how.


Hi Santos,

Kenwood mixer? Hmmmmmm. Wonder what you're going to do with that?

hi reid

um...mix things?

Hi Santos,

LOL! I was trying to be funny. =P

When I tried to click on the link, it takes me to your other blog, but I didn't see any information there.

What kind of Kenwood Mixer is it anyway? We don't sell Kenwood appliances here, even in the Japanese stores like Shirokiya or Daiei.

hi reid

i was trying to be funny too :-P

it was just a rework of that post that basically told everyone how to steal a credit card number; if they were actually unscrupulous enough to do it, they should think of where they got the banking info and send me a $499 mixer :-)

the kenwood mixer is awesome. i think in the us it's sold at williams-sonoma under another brand--you'll know it when you see the dough hook which looks like the k records label shield--it's a shield shape with a 'k' in it for kenwood. in england, it's a pretty cornflower blue and white machine; the us machine is chrome and black. if i remember the brand, i'll let you know!