everyone is in a really vile mood. my mother is watching a hideous lifetime made-for-television movie, my father is kvetching about the n-teenth severed phone cord (don't ask), i'm bored in my flat so i'm here watching the damn made-for-television movie and installing a new phone cord.


made a very seventies ladies-who-lunch salad that used to be very popular on island but has fallen out of favour in the recent years. i used to see it at every fiesta and at a lot of fast food places, but towards the end, it was a gloopy mess, which is probably the reason for its demise. however, i'm surprised it hasn't made a comeback because it seems relatively atkins friendly: all it is imitation crab (which i think is real fish), steamed broccoli florets, mayonnaise, garlic powder, salt and pepper. squeeze out all the excess liquid from the krab and the broccoli, mix all the ingredients, let sit in the fridge for a bit, serve with wedges of lemon and you've got lunch for a bunch of women in floppy hats. yay.