tomato tart

oven roasted tomatoes in a parmesan-fontina-gruyere-pecorino short crust pastry shell.


Hi Santos,

Tomatoes and cheese, cheese and more cheese! Perfect combination. What kind of pastry did you use?

hi reid

i used a recipe for short crust pastry i found here, but i didn't add the sugar, and i added all these little bits and bobs of cheese i had in the fridge, which equalled to almost a (very loose) cup. i roasted the tomatoes separately for half an hour at 425˚f, sprinkled more cheese on the base of the crust, topped it with the tomatoes, and baked it until it was brown (actually, i forgot about it, so it's a little too brown--maybe 15 minutes?). i'm thinking 10-12 minutes should've sufficed. i ate it later when it was room temperature, with--ehem--more cheese. tasty!