strange fruit

i got these mini tomatoes from tokyo mart the other day. they are this vivid so-red-its-almost-pink red, tiny (about 1½ inches in diameter), and look more like pin cushions than actual tomaters. they are really cute.

they are also really odd; besides the crazy red colour, the stems are super-furry, the skin is tough (easy to peel, though), and this is what they look like when cut open:

no seeds! not a one! wha? they are very flavourful, too. without the seeds, they are not watery, not bitter at all. it is as if someone took a bigger tomato, scooped out some flesh with a melon baller, then covered it with a bio-engineered skin. the closest i can come to describing the taste is that its like a fresh version of a sun-dried tomato--concentrated, sweet, raisiny, without a trace of saltiness or bitterness.

the label is so completely unhelpful, so i don't know what variety of fruit this is. i think it might be a ceylon tomato but i'm not sure. does anyone know?


I've never seen these before - they are very strange. It’s a little worrisome that the sign says “made in Japan” rather than “grown in Japan”!

hi cathy

i've gotten some scarily perfect and petite produce from here before, but this is the first one that's ever really got me worried and thinking about gm produce, bio-engineering, gojira/godzilla....

this might be him.

supersleuth right back! you just might be right. cool site, thanks! this is one of those times i wish i took japanese instead of spanish in school. although after 50+ varieties to view i at least can recognise the kana for 'tomato' now :-)

Kana rules for Japanese learners, I spent 3 years in Japan just eating furaido potato

*great* now i'll be stuck eating furaido tomato

Hi Santos,

Wonderful looking tomatoes. I'll try to see if I can find them at Shirokiya. It's the only place that has airflown produce from Japan.