curses! foiled again!

did i say something about a sunny day? shazbot! another storm on the way.

on the other hand, my latest attempt at brioche was the most successful to date. a little fluffy though.


Hi Santos,

Nanu, nanu! =) The brioche looks good, although like you said a little fluffy. Love the silicone bakeware. Do you find it easier to bake with? I do (only for some things though).

i don't know. silicone didn't seem to really matter, i suppose because i'm used to baking in *anything*--tin cans, cups, bottles....brioche was fluffy, but can't blame the pans for that. i'm not sure was wrong as i've never made a completely successful brioche, but based on past experiences, it seemed like it was the wrong kind of wet, you know what i mean? i want to try a different recipe.