IMBB 6 get yr grill on July 18th

too many chefs is hosting the next edition of "is my blog burning?" a (so far) monthly event where bloggers everywhere can unite on one day and share their culinary creations, all in line to whatever theme has been determined. the inaugural event was brought forth by the il forno blog and the theme was soup; the past themes have been tartine, cake, rice, and fish. this month's theme: barbecuing and grilling.

i just started blogging about food a month or so ago, and didn't find out about the event until recently; even so, i managed to miss the fish theme (damn! and i had such a good recipe!). so i was looking forward to this month's theme, determined to participate. but barbecuing? grilling?! it's so messy!!! i'm so lazy!!!!

ah well. if you are interested in participating, it will be on sunday, July 18th. check the link above or email toomanychefs@gmail.com with your entry.