grilled sea bug

sea bug tails, of the thenus orientalis/slipper lobster/moreton bay bug variety. marinated in sake, grilled on charcoal, brushed with olive oil, served with 'alaea (baked red clay) hawaiian sea salt.


Hi Santos....

URGH! You're making me want to eat this! I haven't had lobster in a long time. We have lobsters from Kona that are like this that are a bit sweet. I love them grilled wrapped in foil, then served with melted garlic butter.....mmmmmmmm!

Maybe I need to just go and have the lobster omelet at Ray's Cafe! =)



*almost*. needed bigger fire.

we *have* to talk about the whole deep-fried wine thinggummit, btw....


go to ray's already!!! :-)

Nah! The bigger the fire the larger the circle and the further people are apart.

Fire away on the deep fried wine but the next project will be deep fried beer/lambec if I can get my beer entusiast friends to get their dinner party together. Beer drinkers, such a rabble.

a rush and a push and the lambec is mine!

You can get these on Ben Thanh market here in Saigon. Always been tempted to attack it with alcohol and a blow torch and see what happens. You've inspired me. Will let you know how I get on.

i was thinking of using a blowtorch one day as an alternative....have you tried it yet?