ch-ch-cherry bombs

deep fried bing cherries, in a batter of flour, sugar, kirsch, eggs and milk. dusted with confectioners sugar.


Hi Santos,

This looks so sinfully sweet.... =)

Bing says hello to his father and hello to his mother. I'm inspired to all rock dinner party.


it's actually not so sweet--it's a simple crepe batter, so the sweetness comes from the cherries and the confectioners sugar. the whole thing depends on how good your fruit is, and sadly, these cherries could have been better....

i had the cherries ready because i was actually attempting anthony from spiceblog's deep fried wine, i thought it would be an interesting complement. notice, no deep fried wine. it was, um, an interesting experiment.


see above. all rock dinner party? badda-bing!

Oh, man, does that look good. I love Bing cherries, and I can almost imagine how great it would taste to have them crisped up and warm like that. Yum...

Santos - these look incredible!

Deep fried wine is still in the "men flapping wooden wings" stage but credits for working on the project. Care to share a report of your attempt?

Rock Dinner Party - ermm Frankly Mr (Lamb) Shankly?


the best thing is that the cherries texture-wise remain the same, but get super juicy from the heat.


they look good, don't they? i was going to try pineapple, but i didn't think they'd look as interesting.


as soon as i get over the trauma.