kawaii alert! girls with bacon turbans and shrimp head boys!

so when i was trolling for information about the green tea caramel corn, i came across another tohato snack line called mobi:

aieeeeeeee! the characters above are as follows: E.B.I., lady bacon featuring T, strawberry chocolate, milk chocolate, and harshed potato. !!! all have their corresponding snack cookie, which you can easily imagine. i'm a little disappointed by the strawberry chocolate and milk chocolate character names, but i imagine they actually have the best-tasting snack item. E.B.I. the shrimp-headed boy is sort of amazing, but the girl with the bacon turban and habañero head win hands down in terms of sheer nuttiness.

has anyone out there tasted these? i'll trade you a bag of matcha corn for a packet of lady bacon!